Working in Luxembourg makes a huge difference. In a big country there is a tendency to focus on the national market, but the cross-border expertise available here has been a great help in developing solutions for international applications. says David Naramski, partner at eSignatures company Nowina Solutions

Nowina Solutions incorporates eSignature, enabling clients to provide legally binding, verifiable electronic approvals from a PC, tablet or smartphone. The eSignature can be linked to national ID cards, passports, security tokens and various other identification methods used worldwide, giving it considerable flexibility.

A unique approach to eSignatures

“Digitalisation is central to our services,” David Naramski. “A great deal of our clients’ work is carried out digitally, but approvals need printed paper and written signatures and this slows everything down. eSignature solutions remove this physical step and streamline the full process for maximum efficiency.”

It can be applied to transactions of any size and between any parties – consumers, companies, groups or business partners – as well as to eGovernment services. In addition, the level of proof required can vary, from relatively light for day-to-day approvals to much stronger for major contracts. “This improves efficiency and trust between partners and clients and contributes to citizen engagement with governments,” says Mr Naramski.

Nowina Solutions offers both standard products and made-to-measure solutions. Naturally, close cooperation with clients is essential, and a base in Luxembourg makes it easy to meet customers and discuss their needs.


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