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Gateway to the European market

Luxembourg is the 4th most global economy in the world. With its strategic, central location as well as its close cultural and business links to the main EU markets, Luxembourg is an ideal base for doing business in Europe and beyond.

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It is easy to do business in Luxembourg. International companies are attracted by the country’s flexible and attractive legal framework and business-friendly policies. Public authorities and administrations are easy to access, and the open-mindedness and forward thinking of politicians benefits companies looking to start or relocate activities in Luxembourg.

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Stable economic environment

Political, economic and social stability are increasingly important considerations. International companies are attracted to Luxembourg by the country’s sound macroeconomic foundations, stable political environment, strong long-term growth prospects and sustained employment creation.

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Skilled, multilingual workforce

Renowned for its highly skilled workforce, Luxembourg attracts the best talent from countries around the world. The outstanding language skills of the multicultural population makes it easy to find staff that can communicate with international clients in their own language.

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Outstanding digital infrastructure

Recognised as a digital forerunner for decades, Luxembourg is determined to become one of the most advanced data economies in the world. It has a top-notch digital infrastructure and world-class skills in fields such as cybersecurity, big data storage and processing and high performance computing. The country is a trusted data hub where any type of business basing its activities on digitalisation can thrive.

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European and international logistics hub

Luxembourg’s central location in Europe coupled with excellent air, road, rail and waterway infrastructure position the country as a competitive inter-continental logistics hub. Digital logistics and supply chain management are a government priority.

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Incentives and support programmes

Companies that establish a sustainable presence in Luxembourg can take advantage of several attractive public funding programmes that help them expand their activities, develop innovative concepts and products and strengthen their overall competitiveness.

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