Luxembourg’s long tradition of welcoming international workers started when the country was one of the world’s leading steel producers, and continued as it built its international financial centre and became home to a number of European Union institutions. Today, its high-tech industries attract highly skilled experts from near and far. This makes Luxembourg an attractive location for companies that are targeting the European, or even the global, market.

Speaking the language of the customer

We might live in a globalised world, but when it comes to doing business, speaking the clients’ language and understanding their culture is still paramount. Luxembourg has three official languages – Luxembourgish, French and German – and English is widely spoken, in particular in the business community.

Add to this the language and cultural skills of the population made up of over 180 nationalities. Being fluent in 3 or more languages is the norm in Luxembourg, not the exception. This makes it easy to deal with customers in different countries and find staff able to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs.

International recruitment base

Employers in Luxembourg have access to a highly skilled workforce – the country ranks 1st in the world for highly skilled employment (Statista, 2015). The talent pool consists of people from all over Europe and the world: 74% of the workforce are foreigners, both foreign nationals residing in Luxembourg and cross-border workers from the surrounding regions in France, Germany and Belgium making up the “Greater Region” with a population in excess of 11 million. Employers also frequently recruit staff from the rest of Europe and beyond.

Easy to attract talent

Talent is attracted to Luxembourg for its stable, high-income economy, dynamic start-up community, close proximity to other European countries and excellent quality of life. There is also an interesting job market here for those who wish to stay long-term and develop their international career. The cosmopolitan environment makes it easy for expatriates to settle quickly.

ADEM, the national employment office, provides services to employers looking for the right candidates to meet their staff needs. A number of private recruitment companies and platforms are also available.

When needed, qualified workers from outside the EU can be recruited with a minimum of red tape. Simplified work permit procedures for qualified non-EU nationals have been put in place and the processing of applications is fast.

The international teams of Luxembourg: an exceptional experience

Setting up a team in Luxembourg, and interacting with peers, clients and advisors, by definition means being part of a truly multinational community. The advantages are numerous: many people have extensive experience of working in international markets and bring valuable networks from their home countries. Business structures become international and their products multilingual from the very beginning, which makes it much easier to reach new markets. Many company executives also testify to the unique experience of working daily with diverse groups of people that enrich both the company culture and their personal growth.

#1 in the EU for average number of languages spoken

3.6 (Eurobarometer)

#1 highest labour productivity in the world

(World Population Review 2023)

#3 in the 2022 World Talent Ranking

for its ability to develop, attract and retain talent (IMD)

#1 international population in the EU

  • 53% Luxembourgers
  • 38% EU residents
  • 9% non-EU residents


International workforce

  • 27% Luxembourgish residents
  • 27% foreign residents
  • 46% cross-border workers


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