10 good reasons to choose Luxembourg for your business

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1. Globally connected economy

What better place for developing and growing your business across Europe than the most international country in the EU? With a consistently open economy, a central European location and the most international population in the EU, Luxembourg is a widely renowned business destination that provides excellent access to the European and worldwide markets.

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2. Testbed for innovative products

With its openness to innovation, public-private research partnerships and closeness to technological hotspots in Europe, Luxembourg is an excellent testbed for the development and commercialisation of new products and services. Add to this its manageable size and diverse population, it is also a good place for carrying out product localisation for different EU markets.

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3. Pro-business policies

“Your success is our success” – these words could well summarise the approach of Luxembourg policy makers to businesses. International companies choose to come here for the country’s holistic support system as well as for its forward-looking approach and availability of decision makers strongly motivated to facilitate business.

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4. Thriving start-up community

Luxembourg’s start-up ecosystem has grown from virtually nothing to a thriving community in less than two decades – a feat that perfectly exemplifies the country’s “can-do” attitude and open-mindedness to entrepreneurship. We welcome international entrepreneurs and know them by name.

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5. Reliable data hub

Luxembourg pursues its ambition to become a leading data economy, capitalising on its entrepreneurial spirit and internationally recognised strengths in connectivity, data-processing capacity and cybersecurity. The country provides a comprehensive, supportive ecosystem where all parties involved work hand in hand to make any business in the digital world flourish.

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6. International talent pool

Luxembourg has the most international population in the EU and a workforce that stands out for its multinational character, language skills and level of education. This is not only a huge asset for companies addressing the European and global markets, it also creates businesses with a truly international mindset from the word “go”.

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7. Your long-term home

Luxembourg is internationally renowned for its strong financial and economic performance, its sustained job creation and its social and political stability. Companies that choose to set up offices here can count on strong long-term growth prospects. The Luxembourg economy provides them with a favourable environment for developing their business.

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8. Logistics and supply chain hub

Luxembourg offers a range of advantages for exporting and importing goods and managing e-fulfilment activities. Home to a leading cargo airport and equipped with excellent road, rail and waterway infrastructure, the country is a competitive inter-continental logistics hub for value-added logistics activities. Facilitating digital logistics and digital supply chain management is a government priority.

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9. Business incentives and support

As part of its efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of the Luxembourg economy, the government offers several types of R&D and innovation support measures. Companies that establish a sustainable presence here can take advantage of several attractive public funding programmes that help them expand their activities, develop innovative concepts and products and strengthen their overall competitiveness.

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10. Great place to live

Luxembourg offers an excellent quality of life for natives and expats alike. A truly cosmopolitan country with a long tradition of welcoming residents from abroad, it is a great place to live and raise a family, as well as to build an international career.

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