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Established in 2018 with the goal of developing the national space sector, the Luxembourg Space Agency fosters new and existing companies, develops human resources, facilitates access to funding and provides support for academic research. The agency implements the national space economic development strategy, manages national space research and development programs, and leads the initiative.

The LSA also represents Luxembourg within the European Space Agency, as well as the space related programs of the European Union and the United Nations.


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An innovative hub in the heart of Europe

Foreign Researcher's Guide to Luxembourg

Space capabilities at a glance


  • Luxembourg, the place for space development

    Luxembourg, the place for space development

    Discover why Luxembourg is an astronomical location in Europe from which to propel your commercial space project to new frontiers. Explore the full Luxembourg space eco-system and rich potential for international research and business relationships.
  • The launch of the European Space Resources Innovation Centre

    The launch of the European Space Resources Innovation Centre

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