The Gëlle Fra statue, whose centenary was celebrated in May 2023, was designed by the Luxembourg sculptor Claus Cito just after the First World War as a tribute to the Luxembourg soldiers who lost their lives during the Great War.

Dismantled and hidden by the local population to protect her from the Nazi invaders during the Second World War, the golden lady disappeared from view for a quarter of a century, before being found, restored and rehabilitated. The influence of the Gëlle Fra is such that she was even relocated for six months to grace the Luxembourg national pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

Photo: ©LMIH/Sabino Parente

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Support for Luxembourg companies to find qualified talents


Employment agency ADEM outlines strategies for helping companies find the best candidates and the impact of a new immigration law in facilitating recruitment.
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Digital twins: towards a common Luxembourg approach


Researchers in Luxembourg are using digital twin technologies to address complex challenges while contributing to the goal of creating a federated national model.
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An unexpectedly good hiking destination


A writer at The Times takes a ramble through Luxembourg's south and names the country "Europe's best hiking destination".
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Space Resources Accelerator: ESRIC leads historic lunar initiative


Luxembourg-based European Space Resources Innovation Centre has been entrusted with conceptualising the world’s first business accelerator for the lunar economy.
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Breaking data barriers: Dynaccurate’s healthtech innovation journey in Luxembourg


Dynaccurate’s technology harmonises data using artificial intelligence. Applications for the technology are vast, especially in health and life sciences. All sectors where precise meaning is necessary can benefit, and this can include defence, law and engineering to name a few. CEO Dermot Doyle talks about how the company innovates in Luxembourg, which provides many possibilities for research partnerships.
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