The “working holiday” programme is open to people between 18 and 30 years old and provides them with a one-year visa to Luxembourg or Taiwan. “This is indeed a fantastic opportunity for young people to spend a year in another environment in order to discover and absorb a different culture and different traditions,” says Tania Berchem, executive director of the Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office in Taipei. “Students on the programme will have the possibility to go either for language studies, short-term employment, education projects or tourism. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in-between being a student and starting your professional life.”

During their stay, programme participants can freely travel in their host region and leave and come back several times. However, the visa cannot be prolonged beyond the initial 12 months.

This is indeed a fantastic opportunity for young people to spend a year in another environment in order to discover and absorb a different culture and different traditions.

The implementation of the programme will contribute to creating friendship and mutual understanding between people from Taiwan and Luxembourg. The long-term ambitions go even further. Ms Berchem hopes that the programme will lead to more exchange in business as well as in tourism and higher education, and adds: “It also allows us to promote our common shared values of openness, dynamism and reliability”.

The agreement with Taiwan is the third of its kind for Luxembourg. The country has already set up similar arrangements with New Zealand and Australia. “In order to give Luxembourg youth the possibility of benefiting from such a programme also in Asia, Taiwan became a natural partner as it has already implemented such schemes with ten other member states of the European Union,” Ms Berchem explains.

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How to succeed with your expansion into Europe: the experts’ top tips


Some success factors for international companies wanting to expand into the European market are quite obvious: having the right product/market fit and an offering that suits the culture and behaviour of European customers and finding the right business partners, for example. Others are less evident, but can be at least as important. We put together 9 key points from Luxembourg-based experts with decades of experience of advising international businesses about their entry to Europe.
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Fortress, history, identity


Art and history lovers can find their heart’s desire in Luxembourg City by walking along the so-called MuseumSmile, which is home to no less than seven museums.
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University of Luxembourg ranks 4th worldwide for its high international outlook


The University of Luxembourg was ranked among the top 250 universities in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023. The multicultural and research-oriented university in Luxembourg, comprised of over 50% of foreign students, was ranked fourth in the world for its international outlook.
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Luxembourg bags world’s best in talent attraction twice in a row


Luxembourg’s reputation as the world’s top talent magnet has once again been acknowledged in the 2022 Global Talent Competitiveness Index. For the second year in a row, the Grand Duchy retained its no. 1 position for attracting talents and was ranked 11th out of 133 countries assessed in the index, making it one of the top performers globally.
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Luxembourg’s AAA credit rating affirmed by Fitch and Scope


Luxembourg retained its AAA rating with a stable outlook in the most recent Fitch and Scope ratings. Both credit rating agencies based their conclusions on Luxembourg’s high economic resilience, good governance indices, and robust public finances. Key takeaways from the rating agencies’ evaluation are detailed below.
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