Luxscan Technolologies, which is part of Weinig group, was founded in 1998 and hosted at the Technoport incubator until 2002. The company today has 48 employees and develops and sells scanners used in modern wood processing to record relevant timber data in the blink of an eye and determine the optimal way to cut and treat the material. Almost 100% of Luxscan’s turnover comes from export to 25 countries in the world. In addition to its sales and distribution offices in Luxembourg, the company is present in the US, the UK, Turkey, Australia, Russia, Singapore, China and Chili.

The second prize was awarded to Wood Optic Diffusion that very successfully produces and distributes glasses made of wood and precious metals. The company sells its products in more than 30 countries all over the world, and exports represent 93% of its turnover.

Luxprototyping won the third prize. Created in 2012, this young company is active in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality. It develops and produces 3D glasses used for training and control in the industrial and medical sectors. 100% of its turnover stems from exports, in particular to the United States.

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Construction, circular economy, innovation: a matter for everybody


According to all participants at the event "Construction - Circular Economy: How to support business innovation", organised by the OAI, working together and thinking globally is essential to successfully carry out "circular" projects.
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Towards sustainable and circular construction


Three Luxinnovation cluster managers will be among the speakers of the conference "Construction - Circular Economy. How to support business innovation", on 7 October.
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Forest Stewardship Council approves Luxembourg wood


Luxembourg forest wood, screened by Forest Stewardship Council analysts, has been identified as containing a "low risk" of so-called unacceptable sources by the FSC. This is good news for the entire timber sector in the country and the Greater Region.
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Building the future


General construction company Steffen Holzbau specialises in innovative building materials and energy efficient and sustainable buildings. Within its R&D project “Holz-Beton-Verbundträger”, the company has developed composite beams combining the virtues of wood and concrete.
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The wood sector in the spotlight at the Esch Theatre


Invited to speak at the latest "10x6 Green Architecture" event organised by Maison Moderne, Philippe Genot, the Wood Cluster Manager, had the opportunity to demonstrate the important role of wood in the development of green architecture.
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