In 2015, Luxembourg spent an average of €4,635 per inhabitant on education, according to the latest figures from the European Union statistics agency Eurostat.

The average expenditure per inhabitant in the EU amounted to €1,405 that year, with a total of €716 billion being spent on education over the 28 member states.

Only three countries, Luxembourg, Denmark (€3,368) and Sweden (€2,977), spent more than €2,500 per head. On the other end of the spectrum, are Romania (€248), Bulgaria (€250) and Croatia (€494), the three only country to spend less than €500 per head on education.


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Local door openers for business


Facilitating global trade is a key focus of the different players in Luxembourg’s diplomatic and economic network. Its members work hand in hand to ensure that doing business with and from Luxembourg is easy, transparent, and brings with it numerous advantages.
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Circuit Foil to invest €36.5 million in Luxembourg production facilities


Copper foil manufacturer Circuit Foil will invest €36.5 million to increase the production capacity of its facilities in Wiltz in norther Luxembourg. A new building will house new machines as well as around 20 additional jobs.
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Luxembourg among top 10 locations for European expatriates


Luxembourg ranks 9th in a recent listing on cities offering the best quality of life for Europeans abroad. The city thus keeps its place on the top 10 list.
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University and start-up to work on in-orbit satellite repairs


The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) signed a partnership agreement with the space start-up LIFT ME OFF. The cooperation provides crucial research support for tackling future needs of autonomous in-orbit satellite repairs.
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Financing the cleantech transition


Adequate financing is crucial for the transition to a sustainable, environmentally friendly economy, and one of the central topics that will be discussed at the 2020 Cleantech Forum Europe in Luxembourg on 18-20 May 2020. Luxembourg is a leading centre for green and sustainable finance. Key players will participate in the forum to share their experience and establish new partnerships.
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