The overall cargo volumes at Luxembourg Airport during 2018 increased by 2% to a total of 957,000 tons handled exclusively by LuxairCARGO. In detail, the biggest growth has been registered in the following categories:

  • Pharma: 36,830 tons representing an increase of 22% compared to 2017
  • AVI: 2,524 horses handled, increase of 58% (+926 horses) compared to 2017
  • Import: Increase of 5% representing a surplus of 21,800 tons

The previous year registered imbalance between inbound and outbound handling has declined to a more or less balanced situation.

This is the best result in the history of Luxembourg Airport and in order to cope with the growing demand by the carriers operating through LUX, four additional wide body handling positions had been added as of November 2018. This increased the ramp handling possibilities by 50%. During
2018, we also registered an increase in aircraft rotations of 6 % to 6,675 turnarounds.

Out of these aircraft rotations, the latest generation freighter aircrafts such as the B777F and the B747-8F have increased by 10% so that those aircrafts make up more than 63% of the total movements.

Customers: In October 2018, China Southern started a weekly rotation between PVG and LUX.

Press release by Luxair Cargo

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LIST opens sustainable composite materials innovation centre


The Materials Department of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has recently launched a Sustainable Composite Materials and Manufacturing Innovation Centre (SCMM). The new centre will in particular develop composite materials with a very low carbon footprint and demonstrate their benefits through concrete application demonstrators for the automotive, rail, space, aeronautics and future urban air mobility.
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Implementing self-driving vehicles


In the coming years, autonomous vehicles are expected to revolutionise mobility. Crossroads Magazine spoke to the University of Luxembourg and bus and travel specialist Sales-Lentz about their contributions to making self-driving vehicles a reality.
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Vodafone to set up pan-European logistics platform in Luxembourg


On 26 October 2022, Luxembourg Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot and Ninian Wilson, the CEO of Vodafone Procurement Company, signed a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of Vodafone’s pan-European logistics platform in Luxembourg. The platform will strengthen Vodafone’s presence in Luxembourg even further.
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Supporting teaching and research in high performance computing


Developing the talents and expertise needed for a broad use of high performance computing (HPC) is a priority in Luxembourg. The Ministry of the Economy and the University of Luxembourg recently signed an agreement that provides a framework for HPC-focused higher education and research activities.
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A gateway for Europe


South African national Richard Forson, President and CEO of Cargolux Airlines International, has been living in Luxembourg since 2012. We spoke to him about his experience of living and working in Luxembourg.
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