Digital partnership Monaco LuxembourgOn the occasion of this signature, Frédéric Genta, an interministerial delegate for the digital transition, visited Luxembourg to meet Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. After having discussed with the Prime Minister, Frédéric Genta visited a Luxembourg data centre, which is a reference in Europe in terms of “green IT”.

Hosting sensitive data

The agreed partnership will allow the two countries to share experience on topics of the future such as the dematerialisation of administrative procedures, e-health or the creation of a digital identity for each resident.

A strategic priority for Monaco is to find a solution for protecting certain data against the risks of cyberattacks or natural disasters, something that is impossible to do on a national territory of only 2 km2. Monaco and Luxembourg will therefore also launch a study on the possibility to host such sensitive data in a Luxembourg data centre with similar guarantees of immunity and privileges as those of an embassy. Estonian data is already hosted in Luxembourg according to this model. Sensitive data from NATO and the European Union is also stocked here.

Prime Minister Bettel highlighted that this partnership on digital innovation strengthens Luxembourg’s role as a trusted digital hub in Europe.

Photo credit: ©SIP / Jean-Christophe Verhaegen, all rights reserved

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Open data, the black gold of modern times


Open data, or the open access to public data, is currently a hot debate topic that is being presented as an economic, scientific and cultural lever. This is also a sensitive subject. The notion of open data is delicate because of its use and still unclear scope, especially for companies. The European BE-GOOD project aims to clarify the grey zones and support the development of commercial solutions based on public sector information.
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Better network and data security


Network security and monitoring and data security in the cloud, the two main themes of Luxembourg Internet Days 2018, are both crucial for building a digital economy based on reliability and trust. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel announced the creation of a national centre for DDoS attack filtering during the event.
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Horizon 2020: Opportunities for business innovation


With a budget of €74 billion for the period 2014-2020, Horizon 2020 is the EU’s biggest funding programme for research and innovation ever. Companies in Luxembourg are benefitting from this funding to implement their business strategies and develop new innovative offers.
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Luxembourg – fertile ground for growth of Green Tech and Industry 4.0 start-ups


Green Tech and Industry 4.0 are two major emerging technology trends. Luxembourg is at the forefront of innovation in both fields, as can be seen by a number of initiatives being implemented throughout the country.
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Start-up expertise for safeguarding data


Data has become the most precious asset in the new digital economy – and, as a consequence, the target of increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks. Luxinnovation spoke to four start-ups about current cybersecurity trends and their view of the Luxembourg cybersecurity ecosystem.
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