John Acunto, how do you expect the metaverse to develop in Europe compared to other parts of the world?

John Acunto, CEO of metaverse leader Infinite RealityJohn Acunto, CEO of Infinite Reality: We believe that Europeans will be the first adopters of the metaverse and take it up much quicker than American users. We find the power of the metaverse in the European Union, with its ability to communicate, build social situations and create commerce using blockchain, super exciting. This is why we are primarily focused on Europe right now – although that might seem sort of counter intuitive to a US tech company.

We rather hold ourselves to the highest standards available in order to succeed and excel in Europe, and then bring our product to the rest of the world.

There are other reasons why Europe is interesting: we want to find ways to allow for the metaverses that we create and the brands that use them to be green and use sustainable energy solutions already now, so that the metaverse does not become a drain on the environment. We are excited to work proactively and diligently with the EU on this at an early stage. The EU also drives innovation in the field of protecting users and their privacy. By being an early partner to Europe, we feel that we would be a step ahead in making sure that the user experiences are in line with the EU requirement. We rather hold ourselves to the highest standards available in order to succeed and excel in Europe, and then bring our product to the rest of the world.

Why you are considering placing your European headquarters in Luxembourg?

John Acunto: In my opinion, Luxembourg is the centre of the world, for lots of reasons. The first and foremost is the diversity of languages and of the people who live and work in Luxembourg. What an amazing melting pot of Europe, and of the world!

In my opinion, Luxembourg is the centre of the world, for lots of reasons.

The second, and probably most important reason, is the country’s ability to draw resources and individuals who would like to be trained and become part of our company. If you look at the engineers and the creative powers of just France and Germany, they are absolutely astounding. Luxembourg easily attracts people from these two countries and so many more.

Another crucial factor is that Luxembourg has such a high quality of life. Being able to invite people to come and work in a diversified country with people from all around the world and to live a great life in a great country is an incredible recruitment tool.

How did you get in contact with Luxembourg?

When Infinite Reality decided to expand to Europe, we worked with a partner who brought us to explore various areas of Europe and ultimately took us to Luxembourg. We quickly felt that this is where we should be investing. We started to work together with Luxinnovation on how we could help Luxembourg become the centre of the metaverse to stimulate business, innovation and training of people who will be part of this next great thing. The European HQ would host all our European innovation, education and creative activities.

How are you progressing with your Luxembourg plans?

We have just announced a strategic relationship with the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Realiability, and Trust (SnT) to introduce a global, open metaverse, from Luxembourg. We will work with SnT to offer a metaverse sandbox that can be used by local organisations to explore this disruptive technology. This is a key step forward in our European expansion plans.

What do you think will be the next big step for the metaverse?

John Acunto: Shifts happen quickly and violently, and I think that the adoption of the metaverse is going to be a shock to the world. It was only 13 years since the iPhone hit the market and stunned us all, and we can easily see how it has changed the world and how the technology was transformative. I think some people do not even remember life before that! I’m convinced that the transformation to the metaverse is going to happen very rapidly.

I think that the adoption of the metaverse is going to be a shock to the world.

So what do I see in 5 years’ time? I see everyone having amazing immersive experiences and interactions with brands, businesses and people. I think that we will start seeing streaming services offering metaverse experiences that you can share with friends. I think it is going to be an incredible, fun place, and it is not even 5 years away – it is probably less than 3 until we will see amazing immersive communities blossoming enjoying experiences by individual brands, not just a few major platforms. I’m very excited that this future will be in the hands of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of businesses, companies and individuals.

Pictures: © Infinite Reality

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