A new edition to Luxembourg’s capital that is generating a lot of excitement is the inauguration of the Lux Tram. Following two sessions of tests this new mode of transportation, designed to improve traffic circulation and commuter flows inside the city enters into public service on 10 December 2017. Each tram train will have a maximum transport capacity of 450 passengers and it is estimated that the trains will be able to carry a combined 10000 travellers by direction and hour.

Many European cities, particularly one such as Luxembourg, which is extraordinarily well preserved and is a historic UNESCO site with fortifications lining the steep valley that dissects the centre of the city, need new public transport solutions to face the challenge of increasing inner city traffic.

According to Delano Magazine, by the time Luxembourg’s tram network is completed in 2021, some 1,975 out of 3,753 buses journeys per day will no longer pass through the capital.

“One of the key strands of the government’s strategy to reduce congestion in Luxembourg City, the idea will be that national (RGTR) buses will no longer have their terminus at the central train station but at changing hubs, served by the tram. The impact of the strategy will be felt as early as late spring 2018, when the tram line extends to Place de l’Etoile and some 866 bus journeys will no longer pass through the capital.”

A few days before the inauguration of the first section of the tram, expansion projects were already being discussed in Luxembourg’s Parliament with the aim of a vote before the government breaks for Christmas.

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