G-Core Labs provides all-in-one cloud services for the wide range of online business, including media, entertainment, telecommunications, financial companies and online retail. “We are building a global infrastructure with equipment hosted worldwide,” says Andre Reitenbach, Managing Director of G-Core Labs. “We provide comprehensive solutions including connectivity, ultra-fast delivery of heavy content anywhere in the world, a media platform and storage solutions in the cloud. We also do custom software development with a focus on creating and maintaining high-load systems, automating processes, designing network architecture and enterprise portals.” In 2014, G-Core Lab’s content delivery network set a new record in the Guinness Book of Records by sustaining a load of over 1 million simultaneous players.

Finding the right environment

G-Core Labs was created in its current form in Vienna in 2011, and three years later the management decided to locate its HQ to Luxembourg. “We were looking for a place in Europe that could provide us with top-level IT infrastructure, a good legal and social environment and a cost structure that would fit our business. Luxembourg offered all of this,” says Mr Reitenbach.

The good availability of data centres and ultra-low latency connections is of course very important.

And his expectations seem to have been fulfilled. “The good availability of data centres and ultra-low latency connections is of course very important, but Luxembourg also has a good geographical location in the middle of the EU and a legal environment that allowed us to set up the company fast,” he explains. “In addition, we had no language barriers to deal with – Luxembourg is known for its many languages and high number of expats.”

International expansion

At the moment, G-Core Labs has a staff of 170 located in Luxembourg and Eastern Europe, which serves an international client base. The company is growing rapidly. “We are constantly hiring, and will probably add another 100 people in the next year,” Mr Reitenbach confirms. “Our biggest challenge is to find the right people.” A new office in Prague will open shortly, and the next goal is to establish another one in the US.

For two years, G-Core Labs is also part of the start-up community of Skolkovo Foundation, with which Luxinnovation has a partnership to help companies expand in the European and Russian markets, respectively. G-Core Labs uses its Skolkovo office as a basis for developing its business activities in Russia and the CIS countries, but has also other reasons for being there. “Skolkovo is a really interesting environment for learning more about the start-ups residing here. On top of that, it is a great place for finding key IT talent that we need to complete our team,” says Mr Reitenbach.

Great place for business, great place to live

G-Core Labs has a staff of 18 at its Luxembourg headquarters, most of whom are expats. Mr Reitenbach himself is originally German but lived in Vienna before relocating to the Grand Duchy. “Luxembourg is a great place to live, also when you come with a family. The environment is safe and stable. We often have to go abroad to find the right people, so the fact that it is easy to move to and pleasant to live here is essential.” He admits that Vienna is a wonderful city too, but adds that “for the business we are doing, Luxembourg is better”.

All in all, Luxembourg is a great location for business and for families.

While the small size of the country can sometimes be limiting, it is also a strength. “There is a close proximity to decision makers, and if need be, you can even reach governmental ministers quite fast. You also have the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote your business globally. All in all, it is a great location for business and for families,” Mr Reitenbach concludes.

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Ziggu comes out on top in CYEL competition


The winner of the 13th edition of the CYEL competition organised by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg (JCI Luxembourg) is known. Yannick Bontinckx, co-founder of Ziggu, a service platform dedicated to building professionals and their clients, won the jury's favour.
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Luxembourg will host world-class high performance computer


Luxembourg has been selected to host one of the high performance computers set up under the aegis of the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC). The Luxembourg supercomputer will primarily be used to meet business needs, in particular those of SMEs and start-ups.
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There is no cap on innovation


An object as banal, in appearance, as a bottle cap, can nevertheless be at the origin of great technological innovation. Established in Foetz in 2017, Guala Closures Group's technology development centre excels in this area, and the international awards it has won are a testimony to this.
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On the road to Industry 4.0


In order to maintain competitiveness and increase their productivity on international markets, it has become essential for companies in the Luxembourg manufacturing sector to make a transition to Industry 4.0. The “Customer to Customer Digitalisation” project of Ceratizit, designed and co-financed with the support of Luxinnovation, is a life-size example of what can be done.
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ArcelorMittal and Ceratizit granted access to university supercomputer


The University of Luxembourg has granted two Luxembourg-based businesses, ArcelorMittal and Ceratizit, access to its high performance computer (HPC). The companies will use the HPC capacities to perform numerical analyses and deploy advanced numerical models.
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