Since 2001, the European Innovation Scoreboard has been the annual benchmark for analysing innovation performance across EU countries, European neighbours and global competitors.

In the 2023, classed in the innovation leaders section are the EU Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden and Finland together with the Netherlands and Belgium. Luxembourg is placed in the category of strong innovators along side Austria, Germany, Ireland, Cyprus, and France.

Luxembourg strengths

Compared with the other countries covered by the European Innovation Scoreboard, Luxembourg’s performance stands out in the following categories:

  • Public-private co-publications
  • Foreign doctorate students
  • International scientific co-publications
  • Population with tertiary education
  • Employment in knowledge-intensive activities

The country has strongly increased its performance since 2022 in the following fields:

  • Public-private co-publications
  • Medium and high-tech goods exports
  • Employed ICT specialists

European Innovation Scoreboard 2023: substantial European improvement

“The 2023 edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard shows a substantial improvement in innovation performance,” commented Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age. “It highlights the importance of a European innovation ecosystem, with Horizon Europe as a powerful enabler. Something that can help us champion excellence and provide support to leading researchers and innovators and promote a start-up culture. This will ultimately strengthen European competitiveness for us to keep pace in a global landscape.”

According to the EU report, at the global level, the EU is still performing slightly better than China and Japan and is closing the performance gap with Australia, although the gap with Canada, the Republic of Korea, and the United States has expanded.

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“An international view on the European healthtech market”


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Luxembourg one of the world’s 20 top financial centres


According to the Global Financial Centres Index, Luxembourg’s financial centre performs particularly well in human capital and infrastructure.
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LIST and Expon Capital to attract AI companies to Luxembourg


The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and VC company Expon Capital have joined forces to identify R&D opportunities in artificial intelligence.
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