Make Koler kooler mural, Kahler, LuxembourgThe #GuideForOneDay programme includes visits that will highlight the most beautiful parts of Luxembourg City and tell you more about the UNESCO World Heritage or give you inside information about what is going on in the various buildings belonging to the EU institutions. Visits in other parts of the country – by foot or by bike – are also offered. Examples include a bike tour to the Gallo-Roman termae in Mamer, a nature walk with chef René Mathieu, a historic visit to the thermal town Mondorf on the French border or a two-hour hike to discover the castle and natural caves of the village of Schoenfeld. Why not join the walk through the parks of Luxembourg City or the guided bike tour that will show you the amazing murals in village of Kahler?

Visits are offered in French, English, German and Luxembourgish. They are free of charge. Visit #GuideForOneDay to see the detailed programme and sign up online.

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Maximising aircraft life and value – the sustainable way


Reducing the environmental impact of air transportation is crucial. Luxembourg-based Vallair is rising to the challenge with its innovative approach to giving new life to mature aircraft. Having recently delivered the world’s first passenger Airbus A321 converted into a cleaner and more efficient freighter, the company is designing solutions that are both economically attractive and environmentally sustainable.
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New Crossroads Magazine highlights Luxembourg business opportunities


The first edition of Crossroads Magazine, the new international publication from Luxembourg Trade & Invest, has just been released. It highlights the technological excellence and innovation potential of the Luxembourg economy. The first issue focuses on clean technologies and market trends and new opportunities in the post COVID-19 economy.
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5 things to know about cybersecurity in Luxembourg


A strong national cybersecurity ecosystem is a key pillar for developing Luxembourg’s trusted and secure data-driven economy. A new study by SECURITYMADEIN.LU and Luxinnovation provides five key insights into the strengths and unique characteristics of Luxembourg’s cybersecurity ecosystem.
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MushRooming eco home


2020 has been the year of the “staycation” and, for many, the opportunity to enjoy unexpected adventures and beautiful spots.
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Luxembourg to start real life testing of an international standard for a digital circularity fingerprint for products


The Ministry of the Economy just launched phase two of the development of an international standard for circular products. It provides information on the circularity of products to all stakeholders involved along their value chains. A first viable version of the standard is being tested in real life, allowing to identify the most suitable governance model, the audit scheme and reliable IT systems for its management.
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