CODIPRO had the pleasure of welcoming James Aujay and John Trageser from the company Lifting & Rigging Specialty Sales, Inc. (LRSS) for a whole week. It was an opportunity to strengthen its partnership with the United States.

Lifting & Rigging Specialty Sales, Inc. (LRSS) is CODIPRO’s importer of record in the USA. The company has just hired John Trageser as CODIPRO product specialist. One of the reasons for their visit was to train John and show him the production workshop and all the departments of the company based in Wiltz.

John Trageser’s main task will be to represent CODIPRO on the American market. “I think there is really a great opportunity for growth and I am committed to expanding CODIPRO’s market in the USA. The company is well organized and its growth rate is really healthy: neither too fast nor too slow. I think that with the process currently in place, CODIPRO has the potential to continue to grow”, says John Trageser.

The other reason for their visit was to strengthen the partnership. Benoit Cop, export responsible for CODIPRO, organized their itinerary throughout their stay: “It was a very busy schedule. We visited all the departments, attended training sessions, and there was a “Team Building Lunch” every day. This provided an opportunity to meet everybody, discuss issues and share ideas”.

James Aujay, Sales manager at LRSS, had already had the opportunity to visit CODIPRO’s premises three years ago. This time, he was able to visit all the company’s departments: from the marketing and commercial divisions, to the scheduling, production and management departments. James has noted some impressive developments: “There have been a lot of changes in three years! There are already far more employees, both in the workshop and in the offices. I am also very impressed by the new organization of the workshop. Everything is very structured, and workflows are well organized. I really feel as if I am part of the team. It’s very encouraging for the future”, says James Aujay.

Both LRSS and CODIPRO want to move in the same direction: to make CODIPRO the benchmark specialist in articulated lifting rings in the USA.

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