Clean-tech innovator APATEQ has been assigned with a multi-million Euro contract for the construction of an industrial size plant for different streams of water and wastewater treatment by a local municipality on the second largest island in Sweden, prevailing against established global market leaders.

The produced effluent meets drinking water levels according to the most stringent Swedish and international norms as it is intended to supplement the local needs of drinking water.

APATEQ’s stationary plant uses innovative technologies that enable to treat different streams of water with one single installation.

Geographically located on an island, our municipality is facing a limited availability of fresh ground water. With the prevailing conditions, population growth or any extension of water consuming industry represents a challenge in terms of water supply”, said Peter Asteberg, Project Manager for the municipality of Mörbylånga. “We are convinced that APATEQ’s system is the right choice to pursue our future urban development.”

“Our installation is perfectly suited for the present conditions on-site. We offer compact, complete solutions for wastewater treatment and drinking water production that can be quickly commissioned at remote locations and easily operated and monitored by touch panel and remote control”, said APATEQ Chief Technology Officer Ulrich Bäuerle. “By means of our proprietary process technology for membrane filtration, preventing fast clogging and fouling, long intervals in between the effortless cleaning processes are possible.”

The plant for the community of Mörbylånga is scheduled to be delivered in November 2018.

Read full press release below.

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Expert workshop on CLT and prefabrication in timber construction


One year after its launch, the initiative of the Luxembourg Wood Cluster held a new session on 14 November 2023 in Belgium.
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Promising prospects for the wood sector of Slovenia and Luxembourg


The visit of the Slovenian Prime Minister to the Grand Duchy on 12 September  allowed for fruitful exchanges among companies from the wood sector and furniture manufacturing from both countries.
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Exploring solutions to reinforce circular and sustainable constructions


In collaboration with Luxinnovation and the Betriber & Emwelt platform, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) organised a conference on “Sustainable Construction for Resilient Cities” on 6 July 2023. Speakers at a dedicated panel explored levers to decarbonise the sector and facilitate the growth of the circular economy.
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“We are lucky to have Luxinnovation’s support”


Since its creation in 2017, SolarCleano has developed an impressive range of remotely guided and autonomous solar panel cleaning robots. Conducting all its R&D activities in-house, the highly innovative company has worked with Luxinnovation’s support to find funding for consecutive R&D projects, get in contact with new partners and suppliers, and implement new IT tools through the agency’s Fit 4 Digital programme.
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Two first Luxembourg start-ups receive EIC Accelerator funding


The European Commission recently announced that Arspectra and Circuli-ion have been awarded funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator. This is the most prestigious funding available for start-ups from the EU’s Horizon Europe programme. Luxinnovation supported the first-ever EIC Accelerator winners from Luxembourg during the application process.
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