Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices

The Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices (LTIOs) around the world are fully committed to assisting you with the expansion of your business to Luxembourg and your entrance into the European markets.

Coordinated by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, the LTIOs promote business opportunities in Luxembourg to companies from their respective geographic region. They also facilitate trade between their regions and Luxembourg, and support Luxembourg companies that want to develop their activities abroad.

Economic advisors

Companies interested in expanding their business to Luxembourg can also receive support from the economic advisors attached to several of the country’s embassies. Our economic advisors can also help Luxembourg companies identify and contact potential business partners in their markets.

Luxembourg’s global diplomatic and consular network

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is responsible for the country’s diplomacy, bilateral and multilateral relations affairs. As a Member State of the European Union and an active member of the international community, Luxembourg conducts its foreign policy with a view to securing its national interests and endeavours in the overarching objective of contributing to international peace, security and prosperity.

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Facilitating global trade is a key focus of the different players in Luxembourg’s diplomatic and economic network.

Our international network

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

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