7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
2981 (Luxembourg)


In the framework of the new Luxembourg law related to the exploration and utilisation of space resources, this conference will take place on 8 October 2018 in Luxembourg.

Organised by the European Patent Academy, with attendance by the European Space Agency, the event will address in particular the following topics:

  • inventions made in outer space, their down-Earth applications, their patent protection
  • societal and economic impact: space and climate change mitigation technologies, public and civil security, military defence, disaster management, humanitarian and development aid, urban planning, information society, efficiency and productivity gains, healthcare, weather forecasting, transport and air-traffic control, agriculture and natural resource management
  • business testimonials
  • patent applications and European patents in relation to inventions used in outer space
  • changes that could be required in IP policy and the legal framework in Europe, in order to deal with the increased commercialisation of outer space activities
  • towards a democratisation of space access: transportation at affordable price?

Target groups

  • Policy makers
  • Patent attorneys
  • IP authorities, patent offices, civil servants, custom officials
  • Investors



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