February 2024 ISSUE #72

Digital twins: towards a common Luxembourg approach

Researchers in Luxembourg are using digital twin technologies to address complex challenges while contributing to the goal of creating a federated national model. We spoke to German Castignani, Digital Twin Innovation Centre Manager at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), about how these efforts are advancing.

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Space Resources Accelerator: ESRIC leads historic lunar initiative

Luxembourg-based European Space Resources Innovation Centre has been entrusted with conceptualising the world’s first business accelerator for the lunar economy.

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Enabling value creation from data

Data-based research can generate a multitude of knowledge in the health space, but it is a complex issue as health data is highly sensitive and protected by strict European and national regulations. The Luxembourg National Data Service develops solutions for the safe, secure and legal sharing and reuse of data.

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From innovation to healthcare: Bridging the gap

Digital innovations are taking medical interventions to new levels of precision and personalisation, but all new ideas do not provide real added value. Internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon and scientist Romain Seil speaks about his work to develop and implement new digital tools in clinical practice.

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Breaking data barriers: Dynaccurate’s healthtech innovation journey in Luxembourg

Dynaccurate’s technology harmonises data using artificial intelligence. Applications for the technology are vast. CEO Dermot Doyle talks about how the company innovates in Luxembourg, which provides many possibilities for research partnerships.

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With the new Space Resources Accelerator, ESRIC will provide a pathway for partners with commercial projects to accelerate their activity in this dynamic and forward-facing field.

Kathryn Hadler, Director of the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC)

Luxembourg living

A writer at The Times takes a ramble through Luxembourg’s south and names the country “Europe’s best hiking destination”.

Photo: © André Schösser-LFT

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