February 2021 ISSUE #39

Korean biotech MBD sets up joint research laboratory in Luxembourg

South Korean MBD is setting up a joint laboratory with the Luxembourg Institute of Health and IBBL. The laboratory will focus on precision medicine for cancer patients. MBD will also use its new base in Luxembourg to expand its business in Europe.

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Luxembourg to open healthtech incubator

Luxembourg's new business health technologies incubator will open in spring 2021. Hosted at the House of Biohealth in Esch-Belval, it will offer 350 m2 of laboratory space to start-ups and spin-offs during their first 2-3 years of operation.

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New Luxembourg strategy for the circular economy

Tthe Luxembourg government has presented a new strategy for the circular economy. Its objectives are to accelerate the implementation of the circular economy and to position Luxembourg internationally as a centre of expertise.

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A clean, green innovation for industrial concrete floors

Topp & Screed produces equipment for the production of concrete industrial floor slabs. Through the innovative implementation of automotive technology, the company is the first in the world to launch a fully electric screed on the market.

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LIST-Gradel joint lab to produce ultra-lightweight structures for space

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has announced a new partnership venture with Luxembourg company Gradel to research and produce ultra-lightweight structures for the aeronautics and space industry.

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Sustainability by design

What makes a technology truly clean? Specialists at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) argue that a holistic perspective, spanning from technology development and production to use and end-of-life treatment, is needed.

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The way forward

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Luxembourg launched a massive programme to safeguard the economy, as well as measures aimed at stimulating innovation and helping companies become more sustainable and resilient.

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Start-ups versus COVID-19

5 start-up participating in the "StartupsVsCovid19" programme talk about their projects and how their solutions contribute to limiting, or even overcoming, the economic, health and societal effects of the coronavirus crisis.

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Luxembourg receives AAA rating for sustainability by Moody’s

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Luxembourg among the world’s least corrupt countries

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Luxembourg the world's 5th best country to raise a family

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Luxembourg living

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