Christina Collmann, CEO, PrevisionzFrom one to twenty people in three years: the story about Previsionz is a story about growth. “Initially, the company was mainly delivering business intelligence consulting, but the growth of our staff reflects that of our service portfolio,” explains CEO Christina Collmann. “Today, we develop tailor-made solutions aimed at helping our customers take data-driven decisions for their business. We start by extracting and gathering all relevant data, generally in a scalable cloud infrastructure. After analysing the data and transforming it according to the clients’ needs, we publish the data for the relevant target groups using dashboards and automated reports.”

The young company constantly integrates new technologies, and now offers data analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions as well as business intelligence services. It covers all sectors, with a specific focus on banking, telecommunications and manufacturing.

Luxembourg: a first step for international growth

After focusing initially on its domestic market in Germany, Previsionz decided to start expanding across the borders, with Luxembourg as its first international location. “Luxembourg was our first choice as it is a very interesting, growing market located just in front of our door,” says Ms Collmann. “We already had a few customers here, and love to work in this small but very ambitious international environment.”

Luxembourg was our first choice as it is a very interesting, growing market.

The Luxembourg branch of Previsionz was incorporated in May 2022, and the first employees will join in October. “We obviously hope to continue growing, in terms of projects and customers as well as of staff and revenue.”

A great experience

Ms Collmann found the establishment process in Luxembourg smooth. “It was of course a lot of work, as it always is when setting up a company, but the process is well structured. All information about what needs to be done is accessible on a single website.” This website is the information portal that offers access to all the information, procedures and services offered by Luxembourg public bodies.

You always have a good experience in Luxembourg: as soon as you know a few people, you get help everywhere.

In addition to working with consultants specialised in tax and legal advice, Previsionz also had contacts with national innovation agency Luxinnovation. “You always have a good experience in Luxembourg: as soon as you know a few people, you get help everywhere,” Ms Collmann points out. “We feel very comfortable and well supported here.”

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