Luxembourg, 27 March 2018 – Cargo Community System Japan Co. (CCSJ) has  signed an agreement with CHAMP Cargosystems to provide a new cloud-based air cargo messaging system that includes IT infrastructure, an operational messaging platform and customer invoicing. 

CHAMP’s CEO, Arnaud Lambert and CCSJ’s President, Kazuo Hirabayashi marked this momentous occasion at an official ceremony at CHAMP’s headquarters in Contern, Luxembourg attended by distinguished guests from both the Luxembourgish and Japanese states.

CCSJ is the sole Cargo Community System in Japan connecting all participants (airlines, freight forwarders and handling agents) in the national airfreight market.  CHAMP is operating the largest global cargo community system on a state-of-the-art messaging and integration platform and was able to demonstrate to CCSJ how its solution can be customized to meet the current and emerging needs of the Japanese air cargo community.

Patrick Nickels, Direction générale Industrie, Logistique et Infrastructures, Ministry of the Economy, who attended the event said that, “Champ Cargo Systems typifies the successful Luxembourg company. A niche player that offers world class service and products. Luxembourgish companies have to compete on the global markets so there is not only a pressure on them to do well, but this forces them to work even harder and deliver excellence.”

“It is truly a privilege to have this opportunity to deliver high-quality service to CCSJ” says Arnaud Lambert, CEO at CHAMP Cargosystems. “With our friends of the Luxembourgish and Japanese states present, CHAMP welcomes the added economic ties between our two great economies. It is an honor to provide the technology for the next chapter of CCSJ’s air cargo mission in driving digitization across the Japanese air cargo community.”








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