Promoting clean technologies and the transition towards a circular economy is a priority in Luxembourg. The country also offers an attractive economic environment for entrepreneurs who are keen to create value whilst reducing pollution, waste and energy consumption.

The development of the cleantech sector is underpinned by strong governmental support. “The economy of tomorrow has to combine the impact of change in energy sources, the use of disruptive technologies and the digitalisation of both our economy and society,” says Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy Etienne Schneider. “We need and want economic growth, but a sustainable growth with a high quality of live. The Luxembourg government considers clean technologies and circular economy as crucial in order to meet these objectives.”

18-20 May 2020: Luxembourg takes centre stage

Jean-Michel Ludwig, LuxinnovationThis is the reason why the Ministry of the Economy, Luxinnovation and Luxembourg for Finance have put forward a proposal to host the 2020 edition of Cleantech Forum Europe in Luxembourg. Organised since 2005, this annual forum has become a “must attend” event for key investors, government agencies, corporations, SMEs and start-ups and usually attracts hundreds of delegates from up to 30 different countries.

After a competitive evaluation of hosting proposals by the organiser of the event, the renowned Cleantech Group, Luxembourg was selected to host next year’s forum, a decision that was publically announced at this year’s event in Stockholm. “We will be able to show you a lot of interesting initiatives,” said Jean-Michel Ludwig, Luxinnovation’s Director Business Development who made the announcement. “To give you one example, when you come next year, we will be the first country in the world where you can travel everywhere in the country by public transport completely free of charge.”

“We are excited to take our 16th annual Cleantech Forum Europe to Luxembourg,” says Richard Youngman, CEO of Cleantech Group. “The city lies at the very heart of Europe and shows a clear and active commitment to developing the technologies that drive sustainability in areas such as circular economy, smart mobility and cities. It’s also a leading hub for green finance and for funds, and is home to two institutions critical to financing the European innovation economy, the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund.”

Cleantech Group’s decision is warmly welcomed in Luxembourg. This clearly indicates that we are on the right track,” says Minister Schneider.

Showcasing experience

The programme of the 2020 Cleantech Forum Europe will cover areas where Luxembourg is at the forefront and can demonstrate expertise of wider interest. “Luxembourg is currently experiencing interesting developments in fields such as smart cities and smart mobility, and we work systematically to facilitate the growth of the cleantech SMEs and start-ups. Hosting the Forum gives us an outstanding opportunity to showcase the dynamism of the sector to the international cleantech community,” says Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation.

Luxembourg’s leading financial centre is a driver of sustainable finance, a key issue for the cleantech sector. Luxembourg for Finance will provide input on this topic and host an “investor’s dinner” to facilitate the exchange between the participants and experts in this field.

“The Forum is an excellent opportunity to discover many exciting cleantech projects which will help to reduce global warming and mitigate its effects,” says Nicolas Mackel, CEO of Luxembourg for Finance. “The development and production of these projects require vast amounts of capital. As a capital raising pioneer for green and sustainable projects, Luxembourg sees this Forum as a valuable opportunity to gather different communities to make progress on our promise to future generations. The expertise and the framework Luxembourg has built in finance will be central in shaping the future of sustainability.”

Photo credit: Dennis Erixon

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