The global economic slow-down brought by the coronavirus crisis is obviously also affecting Luxembourg, and the government has launched a substantial stabilisation programme for the economy. In spite of the fact that this will increase public debt and that the forecasted GDP growth in 2020 will probably not happen, Moody’s, one of the world’s leading credit rating agencies, reconfirmed the country’s AAA rating on 8 April 2020.

Economic recovery expected to start in autumn 2020

The economic downturn in Luxembourg is expected to be only temporary. Luxembourg magazine Delano quotes Steffen Dyck, lead author of the Moody’s Investors Service report, who says: “Taking into consideration the support measures announced so far, both from the national government and European institutions such as the European Central Bank and the European Commission, we forecast a sharp contraction in Luxembourg’s real GDP by around 4% in 2020. The largest impact will be felt from the second half of March throughout the second quarter, before the economy begins to recover in the third quarter, assuming that the restrictions on public life and economic activity are gradually lifted from early May.” Real GDP growth is expected to rebound relatively strongly and reach approximately 3% in 2021.

Sound finances

Moody’s confidence in Luxembourg’s economy is notably due to the “government’s very sound finances and strong balance sheet”. The government debt of about 18% of GDP in 2019 is one of the lowest proportions among advanced economies. The country also has flush reserves, including those of its social security funds. Nevertheless, Delano quotes, Moody’s predicted government debt would rise by around 6% of GDP.

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Rebuilding the economy for a sustainable future


Sustainability is one of the major market trends identified by Luxinnovation that will shape the post COVID-19 economy. Head of Market Intelligence Sara Bouchon speaks about how the increased awareness of sustainability issues brought by the coronavirus crisis will influence both policy makers’ choices and consumers’ preferences in the next few years.
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How digitalisation will drive growth and transform society


Digitalisation is one of the four megatrends identified by Luxinnovation that will radically transform business and society after the COVID-19 crisis. Market Intelligence Analyst Mohamed Toumi provides insights into how companies will need to transform their activity in the coming years to retain a competitive edge.
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Luxembourg will host the European space resources innovation


A cooperation agreement was signed between the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) in view of the creation by the end of 2020, in Luxembourg, of a European Space Resources Innovation Centre, called ESRIC in abbreviated form.
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Luxembourg passport 4th best in the world


Luxembourg passport holders are among those that have the most freedom to travel in the world. They can access 188 different countries without having to apply for a visa in advance.
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Luxembourg 3rd best city for expats


Luxembourg City ranks 3rd in the world among the most attractive locations for expatriates. The ranking focuses on financial aspects and lifestyle.
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