The AAA rating by Fitch and DBRS Morningstar confirms once again the soundness and stability of the Luxembourg economy. The two rating agencies highlight the country’s significant budgetary room for maneuver which has been achieved thanks to the prudent fiscal policy of the past few years. This has given the government the freedom to react to the COVID-19 crisis by putting in place generous measures to support the economy.

Short recession

DBRS Morningstar and Fitch estimate that the recession brought by the pandemic will be significant, but less severe in Luxembourg than that in the Eurozone in general. In 2021, the economy is expected to recover to pre-crisis levels. The two rating agencies attest that, despite the difficult economic context, the fundamentals of the Luxembourg economy remain solid.

An attractive destination for investment

Regarding the months ahead, the agencies indicate that much uncertainty remains regarding the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and the pace of the economic recovery. However, despite this and the less favourable external environment, the agencies consider that Luxembourg should be able to manage the risks if the country continues its prudent political action in economic and financial matters. DBRS also recognises the efforts of the government in the field of tax transparency and believes that Luxembourg will remain an attractive destination for investments.

“I am pleased that the two rating agencies share the observation that Luxembourg is mobilising the necessary means to counter the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis,” comments Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna. They also attest that economic policy and the government’s prudent fiscal policy in recent years provides a pledge of confidence and makes it possible to reconfirm the maintenance of the best possible rating, namely the “AAA” rating with a stable outlook for the Grand Duchy.”

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LIST: Towards greener hydrogen


In partnership with the French company 3D-Oxides, the Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology (LIST) is working on a research project designed to make hydrogen production easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
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A governance solution for finance and space


Irish start-up Modus3 has chosen Luxembourg as its basis for developing and commercialising its enterprise governance platform. Working with an innovative combination of fintech, regtech and space technology, the company is impressed with the hands-on support provided to young businesses coming to Luxembourg.
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10 key technologies shaping the post COVID-19 economy


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our ways of living, working, consuming and travelling, and has had a huge impact on companies’ and consumers’ use of technology. Luxinnovation lists 10 key technologies that will play a crucial role in the economy over the months and years to come.
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New information for international companies


Two new sections on the Luxembourg Trade & Invest website expand the information available and go into more detail about the advantages of doing business in Luxembourg and the support available to companies interested in the Grand Duchy.
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Launch of first high-performance microsatellite of its kind produced and assembled in Luxembourg


The ESAIL microsatellite for tracking ships worldwide was launched on 2 September 2020. ESAIL is the first satellite of its kind produced and assembled in Luxembourg by LuxSpace, involving a large number of European small and medium-sized enterprises.
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