5G Readiness Index5G technology is now ready to be deployed and will have a big impact on the implementation of autonomous and connected driving as well as on the Internet of Things. According to inCITES Consulting, author of the Europe 5G Readiness Index, “5G has become the new arms race between the different nations, which are desperately trying to claim leadership in 5G for their own reasons”. However, a country’s readiness for and ability to implement 5G depends on a number of economic, operational and social factors. The 5G Readiness Index provides an overview of how ready different European countries are to implement this key technology for the future.

Strong government vision

Luxembourg ranks 10th in the overall index, or 9th if the index is weighed according to the importance of major criteria. The country ranks 1st in the Country Profile category, a feat that is largely due to the government’s strong ICT vision.

The country also ranks between 1st and 7th in 6 out of 7 criteria for Regulation and Policy, a category that includes factors relating to the regulatory and policy frameworks that will be key to facilitate the smooth and swift deployment of 5G networks. It is top-ranked in both the effectiveness of law-making bodies and laws relating to ICT criteria. This highlights Luxembourg’s capability to make the necessary regulatory interventions needed for 5G to flourish.

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Organising the cross-border mobility of tomorrow


The mobility of the future must be safe, environmentally friendly and flexible. It must also be simple, inexpensive and accessible to all in order to maintain and promote the development of the cross-border labour market. In this context, automation and intelligent transport systems play a central role. All possible ways of improving the flow of cross-border workers have to be taken into consideration. An interesting proposal developed by the TERMINAL project aims at setting up an automated electric shuttle bus between France and Germany.
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Fit 4 Start #8 is well and truly underway


The names of the 10 start-ups that will participate in the 8th edition of Fit 4 Start are now known. 50 entrepreneurs from all over the world came to promote their project during Pitching and Graduation Day, which took place on Thursday 28 March at Kinepolis in Kirchberg.
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Composites at the heart of industrial transformation


The JECWorld 2019 exhibition, which was held in Paris from 12 to 14 March, was a great showcase for this subject, with more than 1,300 exhibitors from all over the world. Among them was a Luxembourg delegation that proudly displayed the country's colours on the national pavilion, organised by the Ministry of the Economy.
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Europe counts on Luxembourg’s expertise


The European Union is in the process of setting up a large European centre of expertise on cybersecurity, and Luxembourg has a key role to play. The country is already heavily involved in setting up the first international networks.
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LuxDev calls for sustainable business projects in developing countries


LuxDev, the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency, invites Luxembourg and European companies to engage with partners in developing countries to implement sustainable business projects. Companies active in the fields of biohealth, ICT, fintech, ecoinnovation and the circular economy, and logistics can submit proposals.
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