2023 World Happiness Report rankingFinland comes out on top for the sixth year in a row in the latest edition of the World Happiness Report, followed by Denmark and Iceland. The study confirms once again that Luxembourg, ranked 9th, is one of the world’s happiest countries.

Prosperity, health, freedom, generosity

The ranking of the World Happiness Report is built on 7 factors/variables:

  • GDP per capita
  • Social support
  • Healthy life expectancy
  • Freedom to make life choices
  • Generosity
  • Perceptions of corruption
  • Dystopia + residual

The interview-based study takes into account the perceptions of the population in different countries. “There is still a lot of year-to-year consistency in the way people rate their lives in different countries, and since our rankings are based on a three-year average there is information carried forward from one year to the next,” the study notes. This is clearly the case in Luxembourg, which ranked as the 8th happiest country in 2021 and the 6th in 2022.

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University of Luxembourg ranks 4th worldwide for its high international outlook


The University of Luxembourg was ranked among the top 250 universities in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023. The multicultural and research-oriented university in Luxembourg, comprised of over 50% of foreign students, was ranked fourth in the world for its international outlook.
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Luxembourg ranks 11th in 2023 Global Innovation Scorecard


Luxembourg is one of 24 countries classified as "innovation champions" in the 2023 Global Innovation Scorecard. The country stands out for its high degrees of freedom and diversity.
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Luxembourg ranks 8th worldwide for rule of law


Ranked 8th in the 2022 WJP Rule of Law Index, Luxembourg stands out in particular for its high level of order and security, fundamental rights and regulatory enforcement.
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Luxembourg maintains its AAA rating


Credit rating agency DBRS Morningstar has once again awarded Luxembourg its AAA rating with a stable outlook, thereby confirming its belief in the country's growth and stable public finances.
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Luxembourg has 8th fastest internet in the world


With a mean download speed of 131.95, Luxembourg is among the 10 countries that have the fastest internet in the world.
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