Joachim, what topics will the L-DIH Talks cover this year?

Joachim Clemens-Stolbrink, Luxinnovation, speaks about the L-DIH Talks and the digital transformation of the manufacturing sectorJoachim Clemens-Stolbrink: Transforming data into actionable information is definitely one of the key topics for the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector. We have touched upon it in previous editions, but this year we will look into it in much more detail. The expression “data is the new oil” has become very common, but just like oil, data needs to be refined and treated before it can be used. The 2023 L-DIH Talks include a miniseries of three sessions focusing on data collection and the use of internet of things (IoT) devices and standards, the transformation of raw data into meaningful information, and the use of artificial intelligence for better decision making.

The journey towards artificial intelligence might be long, but there are so many benefits that can be gained along the way.

Many companies believe that using artificial intelligence is so far from their daily activities that they even find the thought of launching a project in this field a bit scary. However, I would really encourage them to learn more about this topic. The journey towards artificial intelligence might be long, but there are so many benefits that can be gained along the way. Aligning and normalising already existing data and information and making it visible and readable through graphs and dashboards, for example, can be very beneficial long before they actually enter the field of artificial intelligence.

Another interesting topic is that of digital twins. For the first time ever, we will attend the Hannover Messe in April to do live broadcasts from the fair with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and leading service providers on the latest digital twin solutions and innovations for manufacturers. These webinars are part of the DIH World Community Days 2023, where several European Digital Innovation Hubs are inviting their communities to events on this topic.

What other new aspects of the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector will you address, and why?

It is very important for us that the L-DIH Talk topics are relevant for Luxembourg’s manufacturing community. At the end of last year, we discussed with the whole ecosystem and invited them to respond to a survey about their preferred topics and event formats. One of the topics that the community asked for is additive manufacturing. Replacing metal products with 3D-printed parts can be an attractive and sustainable solution for some manufacturing companies. During the webinar on this subject, we will invite Luxembourg companies to share how they successfully use 3D parts as an alternative to traditional products.

Another topic that has been added upon request is design thinking. This technique is increasingly used by IT and manufacturing companies to speed up the development of market-ready products and services. We will also host DIH Talk sessions on supercomputing for SMEs and predictive maintenance.

How will the speakers for the L-DIH Talks be selected?

The presentations are always given by representatives of Luxembourg manufacturing companies and digital providers – people with practical experience from digital transformation projects. In order to expand our reach this year, we will launch an open call for speakers. As the user perspective is at the centre, we ask solution providers to come with a concrete customer story or, even better, to give their presentation together with their customers.

In your opinion, why should company executives take time out of their busy schedule to attend the L-DIH Talks?

If you are willing to invest 60 minutes of your time, you will get an insight into at least three digital solutions applied in manufacturing – not sales pitches, but concrete illustrations of companies that have successfully implemented these solutions as part of their digital transformation journey. They will talk about what worked, but also about what did not work as planned, and this is something that you can learn a lot from. The Q&A session that follows each speaker slot provides ample opportunities to discuss specific points that company executives in the audience might want to address.

Joining the L-DIH Talks will also give you access to a network of providers who can help you in your digital transformation.

Joining the L-DIH Talks will also give you access to a network of providers who can help you in your digital transformation. Luxembourg has excellent providers in the digital field, but many of them work mainly with customers located abroad. Our role is to connect people, and we want to make sure that the ecosystem knows what skills and solutions are available in the local market.

Finally, I would like to highlight the third speaker slot of each webinar that we call the “sneak preview”. This is a platform that we offer to start-ups and newcomers to the manufacturing ecosystem who are little known but who have interesting things to offer. It provides a great opportunity both to the newcomers and the existing community to get to know each other.

Photo: © Luxinnovation/Marion Dessard

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