Get in-depth, sector-specific information

Our sector experts of our investor care platform can provide you with fast, reliable information on all aspects of doing business in and from Luxembourg as well as opportunities for your specific business sector.

Make a tailor-made on-site visit

We can organise personalised visits that, in only 2-3 days, will enable you to meet many relevant contacts – government officials, service providers and potential partners. In particular, you will appreciate the availability of authorities and their willingness to help and work together.

Kick-start your local network

We have extensive personal networks in the Luxembourg business world. We can introduce you to multinational corporations, local companies as well as to start-ups and highly specialised service providers and help you quickly become part of the local business community.

Find your Luxembourg home from home

A number of business incubators and co-working spaces welcome international companies looking for their first office in Luxembourg. We guide you towards the solutions that best suit your needs.

Set up your company in Luxembourg

In partnership with the House of Entrepreneurship, we can assist you with setting up a company in Luxembourg.

Explore funding mechanisms and incentives

Luxembourg-based companies can apply for national funding measures and participate in European funding programmes. Our experts at the investor care platform guide you to the most appropriate funding mechanisms according to your strategy and provide help with your applications.

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ESRIC Start-up Support Programme welcomes the five new ventures


Launched in 2021, the Luxembourg-based Start-up Support Programme is the first worldwide incubation programme, entirely dedicated to the field of space resources utilisation.
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“Luxembourg exceeds my expectations”


Korean start-up Posture AI addresses a common health problem: backpain. After developing its artificial intelligence solution using smart posture devices from its base in South Korea, the company has now chosen Luxembourg as its base for targeting the European market and moving forward with the data dimension of its products and services.
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New law introduced in Luxembourg to facilitate the hiring of skilled labour


The new law simplifies the hiring of non-EU nationals and grants family members of third-country nationals holding a residence permit access to the labour market as soon as they arrive in Luxembourg.
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"Supporting the development of the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg"


Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, discusses the recent startup roadmap “From Seed to Scale” designed to support the ecosystem's continuous expansion as it navigates a new phase of maturity.
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Inflation in Luxembourg continues to rank among the EU’s lowest


Luxembourg recorded the second lowest annual inflation rate in the EU, according to the latest July figures shared by the statistical office of the European Union, Eurostat.
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