Rankings that analyse the quality of life in different countries and cities are always popular. “The quality of life is probably not the first criterion that companies consider when deciding where to open new offices, but it is still important,” explains Luxinnovation’s Head of International Business Development, Jenny Hällen Hedberg. “Once they have found the ideal location from a business point of view, they need to look at how attractive it will be for staff transferred from the home office as well as for new recruits.”

Several studies highlight Luxembourg’s attractiveness. Luxembourg City ranks 3rd most attractive city in the 2021 Global 150 Cities Index, which identifies cities worldwide that have the ideal combination of high salaries, low taxes, reasonable costs and good quality of life. In spite of the country’s reputation of being rather expensive, it only ranks 63rd in Mercer’s 2021 Cost of Living City Ranking, well behind other European cities such as Copenhagen (16th), London (18th), Paris (33rd), Amsterdam (44th) and Brussels (53rd).

Safe and happy

Jenny Hällen Hedberg“Luxembourg is at the top of safe countries in the world and a great place to raise a family,” says Ms Hällen Hedberg. Mercer’s 2019 Quality of Living City Ranking named Luxembourg City the safest city in the world, and eebsite Asher & Lyric considers the country as the 5th best in the world to raise a family. It highlights, in particular, its generous paternity leave and number of paid vacation days as well as its affordable childcare, healthcare and education.

Transparency International ranks Luxembourg the 9th least corrupt country in the world, and points out that countries with little corruption invest more in health care, are better able to provide universal health coverage and are less likely to violate democratic norms and institutions or the rule of law. These factors might well have an influence on Luxembourg’s ranking by the World Happiness Report 2020 as the 8th happiest country in the world.

Ms Hällen Hedberg also points out that the county is interesting for people who want to see more of Europe. “With Luxembourg as a safe base, you can easily explore the rest of Europe: we are close to Paris, Brussels, the Alps, and so on. The geo-strategic location is highly important for business, but it also enhances the quality of your private life.”

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