“Innovation is a crucial aspect in our developments, and it is also what drives us,” explains Marton Fülöp, Chief Operating Officer at Docler Holding Luxembourg. “It is the driving force that helped us grow to an international company of 1,000 employees. We embrace and support innovation on multiple levels, which is why we want to attract start-ups to the Luxembourg market. This is the reason behind us creating the ‘Pitch Your Startup’ initiative together with Luxinnovation.”

Docler Holding’s history bears a striking resemblance to the past of the giant IT mogul, Microsoft. They both started as garage projects, albeit Docler Holding was founded in Europe, and not America, by György Gattyán, then barely 30 years old. “Docler Holding was always powered by the ideas and visions of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs,” confirms Marton Fülöp. “The company specialised in developing and operating low-latency live streaming platforms from the get-go, but now we also offer support for all kinds of devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc).”

Luxembourg supports innovation

A few years ago, the company looked for a new base of operations to establish its headquarters for its international activity. “We chose Luxembourg because of its business-friendly environment. We found the regulations and public initiatives to be business enablers rather than business blockers and the government to be open to discussion, embracing and supporting innovation. We are happy contribute to the Luxembourg IT ecosystem,” explaines Marton Fülöp.

The company came to Luxembourg in 2013 and has only grown since then. Now it employs about 280 people in the Grand Duchy, but the entire group, which also has offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Cagliari, employs around 1,000 people. “We have more than 150 highly skilled IT professionals in Luxembourg alone. These are experts in different technologies and methodologies like PHP, Java, JavaScript, SQL, DevOps, NodeJS, Network engineering, Scrum, Kanban, etc. The Luxembourg headquarters is responsible for product development, IT engineering and research and development activities, but also all other major operations like finance, legal, human resources, communications, etc.”

More than 1,500 servers hosted in Luxembourg

Docler’s IT infrastructure is also located in Luxembourg, together with LuxConnect and EBRC. The company has more than 1,500 servers hosted in the country and manages a number of platforms and websites some of which are among the most visited in the world, which, all together, have around 35-40 million daily visitors.

In 2016, the company reached a turnover of nearly 350 million euros and in early 2017, it acquired the Italian start-up, Streamago. This mobile application is available on iOS/Android backed by the latest in mobile development and streaming technologies. The app was designed to provide a unique experience with real time streaming for the world’s youngest generation. The relocation of this company to Luxembourg created around 20 new job openings, including developer and sales positions.

“Our main focus is to further develop our low-latency streaming technology and build new business models on it. We are also active as investors, but more to find exciting, new technologies than as a financial investor seeking a return,” finishes Marton Fülöp.


Luxinnovation offers comprehensive support to innovative start-ups. Our services include individual support to set up a business plan, to create the company and to find private and public funding.


Luxinnovation contributes to the economic development of Luxembourg by fostering innovation, fuelling international growth and attracting foreign direct investment supported by: Ministry of the Economy, Ministry for Higher Education and Research, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg Chamber of Skilled Crafts and FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry.

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