Having exceeded 9000 visitors in 2016 and exhibitors from 15 different countries, the Student Fair in Luxembourg is the major event of the Greater Region in terms of information on higher education and trades. This year focussed on the establishment of a platform dedicated to digital, the most sought after professions and specific training in the digital field.

Luxinnovation experts were there for the full two days to actively promote the different sectors to the students who will be the next generation of professionals and explain the importance of innovation and the benefits that could arise from working together with Luxinnovation.

Many interested students came to the booth where all of Luxinnovation’s cluster managers explained our cross-sectoral approach explained and presented the organisation’s services with a special focus on start-ups. This is the perfect time to talk to people, when they are young and choosing their future career paths to show them the many possibilities and services open to them and to motivate the spirit of innovation.

Naturally, with not only Luxembourg, but the entire world progressing towards digitisation of almost all economic activities, a strong focus was placed on this topic. The main aim of the cluster managers this year was to promote ICT skill and motivate the students to undertake ICT studies, either before or in addition to their main studies. It is a fact that specialist profiles in the ICT sector are in high demand in Luxembourg and that if this trend continues that aspect of recruitment could become more competitive. The cluster managers explained this within a cross sectoral approach, meaning that while ICT skills are growing in demand, this is true across all the sectors not just ICT, as digitalisation increasingly underpins almost all economic acitivity. So for example one could apply ICT skills to the creative clusters, to automotive or manufacturing. What is important is to inform and to arm young people with a good knowledge of what is ICT.

Towards the end of the hectic two days the Luxinnovation booth was visited by  Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, Marc Hansen, Minister for Housing, Minister Delegate for Higher Education  and Research; and Gaston Schmit Premiere Government Advisor who naturally take a great interest in students being well informed so as to make the best choices for their future.

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