Atman Haloui and Kenza Jouahri of LTIO Casablanca

Mr Haloui, Ms Jouahri, you are now playing a key role in facilitating business relations between Morocco and Luxembourg. What links to do you have with the Grand Duchy?

Atman Haloui: They are very close and deep. On the one hand, I have professional links, but also personal as I have lived in Luxembourg and know the country well. I still go there frequently.

Kenza Jouahri: For me, this close collaboration with Luxembourg is a new adventure. Now that I have joined the LTIO, I hope to be able to quickly create close links with the players of the Luxembourg economy.

What are the priorities of the LTIO now that you have started your activities?

Atman Haloui: Our priority is to support Luxembourg companies that want to become active in Morocco and to promote the Luxembourg economy. The LTIO will be the local and strongly anchored relay that helps companies. The objective is also to identify opportunities in Morocco, and more generally in Africa, for Luxembourg companies in different sectors.

Our priority is to support Luxembourg companies that want to become active in Morocco and to promote the Luxembourg economy.

Kenza Jouahri: Ever since the launch of the LTIO, we are primarily focusing on the sectors with the most added value for our two countries. For example, Morocco has developed sectoral strategies in the fields of digital, fintech, logistics and energy efficiency in order to attract more local and foreign investments. However, we have multiple sector priorities that are adapted to Luxembourg companies.

Atman Haloui: The role of the LTIO is also to support Moroccan companies that are interested in setting up offices in Luxembourg.

What services do you offer to Luxembourg and Moroccan companies?

Kenza Jouahri: We position ourselves as a crossroads between an African and a European hub. As an LTIO, we offer promotion and support tools that are aligned both with company needs and with the unique characteristics of each market.

Atman Haloui: The range of services offered by the LTIO to companies is wide but focused on local experience. This will, in particular, provide companies with a reliable partner during all the phases of their economic and commercial relationships.

What type of business opportunities does the Moroccan market offer to Luxembourg companies?

Kenza Jouahri: Morocco is a politically stable country with a favourable business environment and a recognised strategic position in Africa. Its economy is open in several fields, such as the automotive industry, the green and digital economy, renewable energy, finance and real estate.

Morocco is a politically stable country with a favourable business environment and a recognised strategic position in Africa.

Atman Haloui: Morocco offers a wide range of opportunities to Luxembourg companies, in the public as well as the private sector. Many Luxembourg companies have offerings that correspond very well to the Moroccan market in a number of fields.

What are your first pieces of advice to Luxembourg companies that would like to enter into the Moroccan market?

Atman Haloui: In addition to the classical market analysis, in my opinion, the main point is to make sure that you have the right partners (suppliers, clients, subcontractors, fiduciary, etc.) and to establish relationships based on trust. Meeting the Moroccan partners face to face will obviously be essential in order to make the cooperation a success. The Moroccan market has of course its specific characteristics, but Luxembourg companies are very open towards the rest of the world and used to different cultures.

Kenza Jouahri: Companies that proactively would like to establish a presence in Morocco need to obtain information that will give them a precise idea of the characteristics of their market: investigate the business climate and study the entrance conditions (company creation procedures, administrative framework, legal and fiscal regulations, customs and bank procedures, trade agreements, etc.). I invite them to contact the target stakeholders that could help them in their development process. We are there to support them and orientate them towards the right players.

Do you consider Luxembourg as an interesting business location for Moroccan companies?

Atman Haloui: Yes, definitively. Luxembourg should be within the scope of all companies as a trusted gateway to Europe. The Luxembourg environment is very favourable for international business. In addition, the high-level and multicultural skills can be adapted to companies arriving from the whole world.

Luxembourg should be within the scope of all companies as a trusted gateway to Europe.

Kenza Jouahri: Luxembourg is renowned for its economic and politic stability and offers a long-term vision. The country has also a proven expertise in sectors such as finance, ICT, logistics, energy efficiency and industry that helps it attract foreign investment.

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