Top 20 coronavirus rescue packages - source: BBCLuxembourg’s economic stabilisation programme is one of the many coronavirus rescue packages put in place by national governments to counteract the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article “Coronavirus bailouts: Which country has the most generous deal?“, the BBC analyses and compares national measures.

The BBC quotes Columbia economics professor Ceyhun Elgin, who has been working with colleagues around the globe to analyse the response in 166 countries. Luxembourg’s extensive economic stabilisation programme places the country in 3rd place in the world in Professor Elgin’s calculations of spending as part of GDP, after Malta and Japan. However, the BBC points out that if measures other than spending, such as central bank actions, are taken into account, the ranking looks different.

Investor willingness to support Luxembourg’s rescue package

Such significant government spending obviously has to be financed, and the BBC points out that “Countries like the US and Japan are also in a better position to finance new spending, since investor willingness to buy their bonds means they benefit from low borrowing costs”.

Luxembourg passed a €2.5 billion bond issue with negative interest rates to finance the fight against COVID-19 in April 2020 – a historic first. “According to the government, the markets’ reaction was positive: demand was reportedly much higher than the offer. Luxembourg’s investors reportedly showed solidarity,” reported news broadcaster RTL Today.

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Rendering data actionable to drive healthcare innovation: ITTM


Health data is proving to be a formidable catalyst for change. However, the mere accumulation of data does not guarantee transformative outcomes. The essence lies in making data actionable – a challenge that Luxembourg medical data specialist ITTM has taken up.
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Entering the European market with ease


In recent years, Luxembourg has emerged as a dynamic hub for innovation, boasting a robust ecosystem that encompasses a multitude of incubators, accelerators, specialised agencies, investors, and innovation hubs. This thriving ecosystem has played a pivotal role in nurturing and propelling numerous successful enterprises across diverse industries onto the global stage. Top executives leading some of Luxembourg’s key structures explain what the ecosystem offers and why this might just be the smartest and most cost-effective way for a soft-landing and to gain a foothold in foreign markets.
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Pioneering “gamified neuroscience” for brain disorders


Luxembourg-based company Myelin-H is developing a revolutionary software technology for the remote monitoring and management of neurological disorders. The company’s CEO, Zied Tayeb, sheds light on the company’s mission to make a difference and how a personal story sparked the conception of his startup.
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Accessing the European healthtech market


Healthtech solutions are subject to rather complex regulatory requirements guaranteeing health standards and protection in the EU. Luxembourg’s national innovation agency Luxinnovation manages a range of initiatives aimed at supporting healthtech companies from strategy development to European market access.
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On the road to personalised medicine


In 2008, the Luxembourg government launched its Sciences and Health Technologies Action Plan to diversify its economy, nurture health technology innovation and stimulate the shift towards personalised medicine. Fifteen years later, the country is home to internationally renowned biomedical research centres and a growing community of healthtech companies focusing, in particular, on digital health, digital medical devices and in vitro diagnostics.
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