On 26 September 2019, representatives of Luxembourg’s national innovation agency, Luxinnovation, will visit Skolkovo Technopark in order to meet with technology start-ups looking to get a foothold in the EU market. The interview with Jean-Michel Ludwig has been published in advance of the visit to give potential participants a first taste of what Luxembourg can offer.

Welcoming newcomers: a priority

“Luxembourg is home to a growing community of innovative start-ups that are created here and develop successfully alongside already established companies. However, the size of the country means that we will never be able to develop all technologies and skills that are needed to be competitive at the international level on our own. We are therefore more than willing to attract and welcome the best technologies and talents,” says Mr Ludwig in the interview. “Luxembourg can offer them a favourable business climate and an attractive base for developing, testing and marketing new solutions for the European market.” He also points out that Luxinnovation works closely with the Ministry of the Economy and the Chamber of Commerce to support international companies that want to explore the advantages of setting up an office in Luxembourg.

Russian expertise, European business opportunities

The collaboration between Luxinnovation and Skolkovo has already created synergies: Skolkovo companies such as Anisoprint or ExoAtlet are already located in Luxembourg, and all-in-one cloud services provide G-Core Labs, which is headquartered in Luxembourg, has joined the Skolkovo start-up community. “Russia has always been perceived as a centre of scientific and academic excellence, and our collaboration with the Skolkovo Foundation has clearly shown us the country’s successful track record of transferring this expertise from the research to the business sector,” says Mr Ludwig. “European industry could clearly benefit from further collaboration with Russian companies in fields such as Industry 4.0-related technologies, artificial intelligence or cyber secruity. Luxembourg can also offer an attractive market to companies active in the fintech sector.”

Photo credit: Skolkovo Foundation

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