belvalThis year’s blast furnace party welcomed national and international artists whose performances mixed art and sciences. The adventurous could also enjoy a zip line ride at a height of 60 metres between the two blast furnaces.

Once a main centre of Luxembourg’s steel industry that dominated the country’s economy for decades, Belval has been transformed to a key location for research and innovation. It hosts the main campus of the University of Luxembourg as well as the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, the national innovation agency Luxinnovation, the Technoport incubator for innovative start-ups and several other organisations that play a key role in science and innovation. A perfect illustration of how Luxembourg is using the foundations of the past to build the society of tomorrow.

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Science-VC partnership spurs Luxembourg healthtech innovation


The Luxembourg Institute of Health and Catalpa Ventures will support digital health innovation by bridging scientific research and venture capital.
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An unexpectedly good hiking destination


A writer at The Times takes a ramble through Luxembourg's south and names the country "Europe's best hiking destination".
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Breaking data barriers: Dynaccurate’s healthtech innovation journey in Luxembourg


Dynaccurate’s technology harmonises data using artificial intelligence. Applications for the technology are vast, especially in health and life sciences. All sectors where precise meaning is necessary can benefit, and this can include defence, law and engineering to name a few. CEO Dermot Doyle talks about how the company innovates in Luxembourg, which provides many possibilities for research partnerships.
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Digital twins in healthcare: MDSIM’s innovative approach


Luxembourg healthtech start-up MDSIM is revolutionising the way surgeries are planned and executed. Benefitting from the country’s support for innovative R&D, data infrastructure and partnerships within the local ecosystem, it does this by harnessing the power of computer modelling and simulation, data sciences and artificial intelligence to unlock new horizons in patient care.
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From innovation to healthcare: Bridging the gap


Digital innovations are taking medical interventions to new levels of precision and personalisation, but all new ideas do not provide real added value. We spoke to Luxembourg-born, internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon and scientist Romain Seil about his work to develop and implement new digital tools in clinical practice while ensuring that patient needs remain at the very centre.
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