Skippet (formally MyMedBot) makes it possible for anyone to create software perfectly customised to their needs just by describing their problems in plain, everyday language. “Our mission is to put humans first in our digital world,” says Jacob Arnould. “We use artificial intelligence to enable computers to understand human language in order to configure apps through our no-code platform.”

Successful fundraising from the US and Europe

Jacob Arnould, Skippet, speaks about successful fundraisingThe first springboard for Skippet was the grant that the company received when it participated in Fit 4 Start in 2018. “Together with a small pre-seed round, it enabled us to scale MyMedBot, an online platform that helps schools and businesses create health and vaccine screening protocols,” Mr Arnould points out. “The platform has over 100,000 users today. Our customers are based primarily in the US, although we also have clients in the Middle East and Canada. Our international team is headquartered in Luxembourg.”

Our lead investor, US-based venture capital fund Neo, has vast experience in investing in no-code and artificial intelligence start-ups.

Skippet is the continuation of MyMedBot. “We leveraged our success to raise a $2.4 million seed round from Silicon Valley and European investors to take our company to the next level. Our lead investor, US-based venture capital fund Neo, has vast experience in investing in no-code and artificial intelligence start-ups and we are really happy to have them on board. Our next step is now to complete the beta version of Skippet with our customers.  We can’t wait to see the look on people’s faces when they discover how much they can accomplish with Skippet!”

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EU innovation performance continues to improve


In the 2023 edition of the EU’s Innovation Scoreboard, Luxembourg maintains its position as a strong innovator performing above the EU average with a score of 117.2% and with a 1% improvement compared to 2022. The country is placed in the category of strong innovators.
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Luxembourg among the world's top 20 most liveable cities


In the 2023 edition of the Global Liveability Index of the most liveable cities, Luxembourg came out 19th worldwide and 8th within the European cities cited.
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ESRIC Start-up Support Programme welcomes the five new ventures


Launched in 2021, the Luxembourg-based Start-up Support Programme is the first worldwide incubation programme, entirely dedicated to the field of space resources utilisation.
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“Luxembourg exceeds my expectations”


Korean start-up Posture AI addresses a common health problem: backpain. After developing its artificial intelligence solution using smart posture devices from its base in South Korea, the company has now chosen Luxembourg as its base for targeting the European market and moving forward with the data dimension of its products and services.
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New law introduced in Luxembourg to facilitate the hiring of skilled labour


The new law simplifies the hiring of non-EU nationals and grants family members of third-country nationals holding a residence permit access to the labour market as soon as they arrive in Luxembourg.
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