From 09/05/2023 to 12/05/2023

Air Cargo Europe | Hall B1 – Stand 314
Logistics Services | Hall B6 – Stand 221 (Trade Fair Center Messe München (Messeturm) Germany)


Organised by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in close cooperation with the Ministry of the Economy come and visit the Luxembourg pavilion at Transport Logistik Munich, Germany, a leading International Exhibition for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management. Luxembourg has 2 stands under the banners of Air Cargo Europe and Logistic Services. Network and explore mutual business opportunities with Luxembourg exhibiting companies.

In 2019 the fair had 2370 exhibitors and 64,000 visitors from over 125 countries.

Luxembourg is a major European hub of business, research and innovation. Located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg provides global companies with many strategic advantages for conducting their business successfully in, from and to Europe. The national presence at this fair underlines the recognition of Luxembourg as a diversified logistics hub.

Economic Landscape

Bordering France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg is the perfect gateway to Europe for innovative start-ups as well as for established companies wishing to expand their activities. Businesses can benefit from the country’s outstanding digital infrastructure.

The Grand-Duchy offers an internationally pro-business environment, with easy contact with government officials and decision makers with grants and subsidies available to stimulate economic development. Luxembourg is recognised as a leading data economy with strengths in connectivity, data-processing capacity and cybersecurity and a strong orientation towards smart logistics and digital supply chain. Read more.

Over the last decade, Luxembourg has continuously improved its positioning as an intercontinental and multimodal logistics hub in Europe for value-added logistics activities (i.e. 3PL and 4PL).

Luxembourg has also implemented a multi-product specialisation strategy within its logistics sector by focusing on certain types of products requiring specific handling and/or storage solutions. The Luxembourg logistics hub has notably been strengthened with a dedicated handling centre for healthcare and pharmaceutical products and a highly secured Freeport for valuable goods at the Luxembourg airport.

Exhibiting Companies

Come and meet the Luxembourg companies exhibiting on the 2 pavilions.

Air Cargo Europe | Hall B1 – Stand 314

Arthur Welter Transports S.à r.l.
9, rue Nicolas Brosius
L-3372 Leudelange
Tel.: +352 37 17 17

Contact: Frau Axelle Seichepine
Tel.: +352 37 17 17 224

Cargolux Airlines International S.A.
Luxembourg Airport
L-2990 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 4211 1

Contact: Frau Anne Winter-Ottinger
Tel.: +352 4211 3705

Cluster for Logistics Asbl
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-2981 Luxembourg
Tel.:+352 42 39 39 849

Contact: Herr Ronny Wolf
Tel.: +352 42 39 39 848

Global Airlift Solutions Ltd.
21a, rue Gabriel Lippmann
L-5365 Munsbach
Tel.: +352 26 94 82 21

Contact: Herr Joe Hauff
Tel.: +49 16 22 55 53 01/..3 03

Innovative Software S.à r.l.
27, cité Holleschberg
L-5831 Hesperange
Tel.: +49 17 03 30 17 24

Contact: Herr Ingo Roessler
Tel.: +49 17 03 30 17 24

Luxair S.A. (LuxairCARGO)
Aéroport de Luxembourg
L-2987 Luxemburg
Tel.: +352 24 56 60 01

Contact: Herr Jean-Marc Reynaerts
Tel.: +352 24 56 60 52

Société de l’Aéroport de Luxembourg S.A.
Aéroport de Luxembourg
Boîte postale 635
L-2016 Luxembourg-Findel
Tel.: +352 24 64 0

Contact: Frau Rebecca Pecnik
Tel.: +352 24 64 23 02

Logistics Services | Hall B6 – Stand 221

CFL multimodal
Terminal Intermodal Eurohub Sud
L-3434 Dudelange
Tel.:+352 49 96 1

Contact: Frau Julie Büchler
Tel.:+352 49 96 04 01

Cluster Maritime Luxembourgeois
14, rue Erasme
L-1468 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 621 913 105

Contact: Frau Axelle Salvage
Tel.: +352 661 913 105

Faymonville Distribution S.A.
Duarrefstrooss 8
L-9990 Weiswampach
Tel.: +352 26 90 04 155

Contact: Herr Jeremy Vandriesschey
Tel.: +352 26 90 04 218

Luxport S.A. / Lorang Gruppe
9 Port de Mertert
L-6688 Mertert
Tel.: +74 96 10 1

Contact: Herr Paul Winter
Tel.: +352 43 70 70 242

Transalliance Europe
ZAE – Wolser G 220
L-3434 Dudelange
Tel.: +352 51 22 32 120

Contact: Frau Carole Renaud
Tel.: +352 51 22 32 403

More Information

For questions, further information about Luxembourg’s presence at the fair, please contact

Mr. Niels Dickens
Digital Services & Client Development Coordinator, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

For details about investing in Luxembourg, please contact

Mr. Daniel Lieberman
Director Supply Chain & Industry 4.0. at Ministry of the Economy,

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