Chamber of Commerce, Alcide de Gasperi
2981 Kirchberg (Luxembourg)

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure to invite you to participate in the event #TheCultureFactor: Cultural intelligence in business – Driving success with a global mindset that will take place on 15th of November 2019 at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. This event is organised by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in close collaboration with Hofstede Insights, Luxembourg office.

Thanks to technologies, doing business worldwide is much easier today. For many companies, growing beyond their domestic market is a necessity. Luxembourg in particular hosts an open economy that exports over 80% of domestic production. In practice, Luxembourg companies usually must have a global outlook when they grow. While taking on global partners or expanding into foreign markets offers many opportunities, it also brings challenges, including cultural differences, that arise when doing business.

With 47% foreigners living in Luxembourg, 71% of the active workforce being foreigners and the 180.000 commuters from Belgium, France and Germany crossing the border every day to work in Luxembourg, cultural differences can be  felt in the workplace in the Grand-Duchy.

Recognising the importance of culture in the business world is an important step toward success in the global marketplace for any business sector.

#TheCultureFactor is a yearly event organised in a different country each year, bringing together experts from industry, academia, and (supra)governmental institutions who will share their wisdom on the importance of culture and will help you to target those aspects with practical tools and case studies. This event is a unique opportunity to meet experts and reflect on how you can drive your success with a global mindset.

Here you can find the programme.

For further information on this upcoming event, please visit the #TheCultureFactor website.

Participation is free of charge for members of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce but registration compulsory before 12/11/2019. (The public price for non members is 150€ for students and between 250€ and 400€ for others). First come, first served rule will be applied.


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