Join us at the Global Investment Convention virtual 2 day event 15/16 June

From 15/06/2021 to 16/06/2021

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Grow your business in Europe from Luxembourg

What better place for developing your business and targeting the attractive but diverse EU market than the most international country in Europe? With its central location bordering two of the EU’s largest consumer markets – Germany and France – and multicultural population, Luxembourg can be leveraged as an ideal test market for developing and localising products and services for the EU.

Luxembourg is an open-minded, environmentally friendly, cosmopolitan centre of excellence with a world-class ICT infrastructure. With its outstanding business climate, strong government support and exceptional multinational orientation, come and discover why Luxembourg is an innovative and international business destination of premier choice for investors of all sizes (corporates, SMEs and startups). Learn more.

Our team of experts will be at the conference to discuss more about investment opportunities and the support your company will receive to successfully expand your business throughout Europe and beyond. Come and find out more during our presentation, detailed agenda below. You will also be able to meet us on our virtual booth throughout the two day event. We would be delighted to answer any questions you might have.


Wednesday 16th June – 10.15h – 10.45 h CET, 13.45 h Indian Standard time, 15.15 h Indochina time

  • Opening presentation: Luxembourg your launchpad for business in Europe
    Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation
  • Video: Luxembourg your ideal business location
  • Join Europe’s leading data driven economy:
    David Foy, Head of International Business Development, Digital Economy
  • Join Europe’s most exciting mobility living lab:
    Joost Ortjens, Head of International Business Development, Automotive
  • Luxembourg, a leading sustainable and circular economy:
    Georges Schaaf, Head of International Business Development, Cleantech
  • Company Testimonials:
    Why companies chose Luxembourg to successfully build their business in Europe:
    Infiniq – Mr Sven-örjan Larsson, CEO Infiniq Europe and Mr Park Jun-Hyung, CEO of Infiniq
    B Medical Systems – Mr Jesal Doshi, Deputy CEO
    Boson Energy – Mr Heike Carl Zatterstrom
  • Q&A
  • Wrap up:
    Jenny Hällen Hedberg, Head of International Business Development


You can also get in touch with us directly before or after the event.

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