Chamber of Commerce | 7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi
2981 Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Innovation can be a very powerful tool to enhance the viability of your business – but how do you find that unique innovative idea that will give your company a real boost? Join us for a workshop on a structured and guided process that will help the engineers and managers of your organisation think out of the box and create the next breakthroughs.

Goldratt Consulting, in close cooperation with Luxinnovation, is inviting you for an in-depth workshop as follow-up of the conference “How to convert your ideas into successful business” (February 2018).

During the workshop, Mr Rami Goldratt of Goldratt Consulting will focus on innovation that matters. He will address three key issues:

  • How to come up with the next big thing
  • How to convert the idea to a successful business
  • How to align all needed stakeholders to support it

For more detailed information, please read the full innovation brochure and register via the link above. The full agenda of the workshop will follow.

This invitation is exclusively offered to companies registered for the first conference! Please feel free to pass the invitation to your team members.


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