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Opening session and focus on water management - 29 March 2021

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FORWARD together with Wisconsin, USA

FORWARD together with Wisconsin, USA

Bilateral relations between Luxembourg and the United States are based on a common history that dates back to the 19th century with the emigration of nearly one-third of Luxembourg citizens to the United States, especially to the Village of Luxemburg (Official name: in the State of Wisconsin. Today, a community of 350,000 Americans with Luxembourg ancestry live and work in Wisconsin, and in certain areas Lëtzebuergesch is still spoken. The historic bond between Luxembourg and Wisconsin continues to this day to contribute to strong bilateral trade and economic relations with expanding fields of cooperation.

Given the historic bond between Luxembourg and Wisconsin, Luxembourg companies already exporting to this market benefit from the attachment the people in Wisconsin feel towards Luxembourg and its products. At the same time, the State’s official motto is the simple, powerfully positive and future-looking word ‘FORWARD’. Going FORWARD together is easier when supported by a solid foundation based on a shared history.

Key economic facts

  • Wisconsin’s central location, renowned work ethic and long history of innovation presents many opportunities for Luxembourg businesses. Due to its location, Wisconsin is a prime destination for international companies seeking entry into and expansion within the U.S. and North America. For this reason, major companies such as Culver’s, Kohl’s, Manpower and Northwestern Mutual have chosen Wisconsin for their headquarters.
  • As a globally recognised powerhouse in research and development, Wisconsin’s discoveries support innovation in biosciences, medical devices and medicines, water technology, energy, advanced materials and manufacturing methods, among other areas. Contrary to most regions in the US, Wisconsin has high sectoral diversity.
  • In 2019, Luxembourg’s imports from Wisconsin amounted to USD 2.69 million and exports to USD 7.23 million. Luxembourg and Wisconsin could further strengthen their historic bond through an even stronger economic relationship by building on innovation and technology.
Urban centres of excellence:
  • Madison is Wisconsin’s capital and the state’s second-largest city, after Milwaukee.
  • The Wisconsin state government and the University of Wisconsin–Madison remain the top two dominant economic influences within the city.
  • Madison’s economy today is evolving from a government-based economy to a consumer services and high-tech base, particularly in the health, biotech and advertising sectors.
  • Madison was named the top upcoming city for startups in the US in 2020 by NYC-based Fundera.
  • The University of Wisconsin–Madison is also part of the Big Ten Academic Alliance that consists of the top ten research universities in the United States.
  • Milwaukee is a commercial and industrial hub for the Great Lakes region and is a recognised centre of innovation and advanced manufacturing. 
  • The economy is dominated by small- to medium-size companies.

Key sectors

CleanTech and water technology
  • Wisconsin is a state with over 15,000 freshwater lakes. When it comes to moving, metering, treating and using water in a sustainable manner, Wisconsin possesses world-leading knowledge based on a long history of innovation.
  • Wisconsin is therefore home to a broad range of water-focused academic programmes, including the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences. Milwaukee is also home to the Global Water Center and has been designated as one of two United Nations Global Compact Innovating Cities in the US, making it ‘The Capital of Water’, according to Forbes.
  • The Milwaukee Region’s water industry is a USD 10.5 billion market, supporting 20,000 jobs and accounting for 4% of the total world water business.
  • More than 120 water-related companies are located in Milwaukee, including five of the 11 largest water firms in the world.
Fintech and cybersecurity
  • There are more than 2,500 high-tech firms in the Milwaukee Region, employing more than 12,000 people.
  • Major area financial industry providers include Fiserv (a Fortune 500 company headquartered in the region), FIS, and Thomson Reuters BETA Systems.
  • Milwaukee is home to leading-edge providers of software that automate financial transactions, improve factory-floor productivity, integrate medical information and streamline supply-chain management.
BioHealth and life sciences
  • Internationally recognised medical technology and biotech firms such as GE Healthcare Technologies and the worldwide headquarters of Abbott Laboratories are based in Wisconsin.
  • Due to Wisconsin’s strength in multiple subsectors of biohealth, the state has become an attractive destination for foreign direct investment. Many biohealth startups in Wisconsin have grown into thriving companies with valuable technology drawing international interest. The University of Wisconsin-Madison invests more than USD 1 billion annually in research and development.
  • Today, more than ever before, the Luxembourg and Wisconsin ties remain strong and Wisconsin represents a fertile region of opportunities for Luxembourg businesses on the northern reaches of the heartland of the United States. For any further information about this region, the International Affairs of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce remain at your disposal and are available for consultation.

Sources: CIA World Factbook, OECD, World Bank, WEDC, Forbes, State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Wisconsin Public Service, Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), United States Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce.


  • Luxembourg is home to a dynamic startup ecosystem which has grown strongly in only a few years to become an attractive investment hub for many startups and innovative companies looking to expand their business to Europe. Cisco’s 2019 Digital Readiness Index ranked Luxembourg as the world’s most attractive environment for startups, best positioned for its agility and ability to foster innovation.
  • Luxembourg helps startups to propel their business to the next level, by offering acceleration programmes (Fit4Start) and connecting startups with R&D and business partners, investors, incubators and innovation hubs.
  • Calls for the 11th edition of Luxembourg’s flagship startup acceleration programme Fit4Start will open on 15 March until 15 April 2021 for innovative startups active in the ICT and Space sector. The 100% digital event will offer selected startups attractive pre-seed funding, expert coaching and access to key networks. Learn more.
Please find below the agenda. You are cordially invited to register for all or any one of the sessions.
Monday, 29 March 2021   – Opening Webinar & Focus on Water Management
Tuesday, 30 March 2021   – Fintech Innovation – Fiserv
Tuesday, 31 March 2021   – Start-ups Meet Up & Closing Webinar


Opening Webinar
Monday, 29 March 2021 16:00 – 17:30 CET (9:00 – 10:30 Wisconsin time)

Moderator: Annick GOERENS

9:00 am CST 16:00  CET   Welcome address
Mr. Luc FRIEDEN, Chairman, Chamber of Commerce

16:05     Welcome address
Mr. Tony EVERS, Governor – State of Wisconsin

16:10     Opening Speech
Mrs. Missy HUGHES, CEO and Secretary, WEDC – State of Wisconsin

16:20     Opening Speech (video message)
Mr. Franz FAYOT, Luxembourg Minister of the Economy

16:25     Overview of Luxembourg’s historic relationship with Wisconsin
Mr. Gaston STRONCK, Luxembourg Ambassador to the United States of America

16:35     Fostering the relationship between Wisconsin and Luxembourg
Mr. Mike Ansay, Ansay Insurance and Luxembourg Honorary Consul

16:40       Transition to Focus on Water Management
Ms. Katy SINNOTT, Vice President Global Trade & Investment, WEDC  

Focus on Water Management (45 minutes)
Luxembourg and Wisconsin water visionaries discuss opportunities in their ecosystem

16:45     Presentation of Wisconsin’s Water Management Ecosystem
Mr. Dean AMHAUS, President & CEO, The Water Council

17:05     Presentation of Luxembourg’s Cleantech and Water Management Ecosystem
Mr. Georges SCHAAF, Head of International Development – Cleantech, Luxinnovation

17:10     Company perspectives

  • Mr. Alain MESTAT, Managing Partner, H2O Vortex
  • Mr. Rik DAWSON, Business Development Manager Apateq
  • D. Samuel KARGE, President, AO Smith
  • Mr. Greg GOMEZ, Vice President – Global Flow Instrumentation and International Utility, Badger Meter

17:25     Q&A

Fintech Innovation. Tuesday, 30 March 2021 – 16:00 – 17:30 CET (9:00 – 10:30 Wisconsin time)

Luxembourg and Wisconsin Fintech leaders share their view on the future of fintech and describe how their ecosystem will meet those challenges

Moderator: Annick GOERENS

9:00 am CST 16:00 CET

Brief Introduction
Mr. Sam RIKKERS, Deputy Secretary of WEDC

Introduction of the Wisconsin FinTech Ecosystem
Mr. Byron VIELEHR, Chief Digital and Data Officer, Fiserv, Inc.

Introduction to the Luxembourg Fintech Ecosystem
Mr. Alex PANICAN, Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT)

Breakout Rooms (Future of Banking or Future of Insurance or Beyond Blockchain)

Roundtable 1 – Future of Banking (55 minutes), Moderator: Ms. Alice Danoy (KPMG) 

Panel of Experts (35 min)

  • Mr. Byron C. VIELEHR, Chief Digital and Data Officer at FISERV
  • Ms. Rose OSWALD-POELS, President and CEO Wisconsin Bankers Association
  • Ms. Ananda KAUTZ, Head of Innovation at ABBL’s Luxembourg
  • Mr. Jacques PUTZ, CEO Luxhub
  • Mr. Thibault DE BARSY General Manager EPA EU

Q&A (20 min)

Roundtable 2 – Future of Insurance (55 minutes) (Moderated by Mr. Mike ANSAY) 

Panel of Experts (35 min)

  • Craig SCHEDLER, Managing Director Future Ventures Northwestern Mutual
  • Alex KUBICEK CEO UnderstoryWeather
  • Laura SIEVERT, CUNA Mutual Group
  • Marc HOTTON, Head of Innovation, Foyer Group
  • Frederic MOIOLI, Managing Director Luxembourg, Lingua Custodia
  • Thomas FRIEDERICH, CEO, Earthlab

Q&A (20 min)

Roundtable 3 – Beyond Blockchain (55 minutes), Moderator: Mr. Frank Roessig, (Head of Digital Solution @ Proximus) 

Panel of Experts (35 min)

  • Emilie ALLAERT, Head of Operations and Projects at LHoFT, and Leader of the Luxembourg Blockchain Lab.
  • Tobias SEIDL, Co-Founder and Strategist at Stokr
  • Radu STATE, Head of Sedan at SnT (University of Luxembourg)
  • David KRAUSE, PhD Professor of Finance at Marquette University
  • Bruce ROSENHEIMER and Lou MORGAN, BlockTimeFinancial
  • David MCININCH SVP of Strategy, Marketing and Product Management, Account Processing Solutions Group – Fiserv
  • Girish RAMACHANDRA, Technology Industry Leader, WIPFLI

Q&A (20 min)

Q&A (5 min). Moderator closes the event.

Start-ups Meet Up 
Tuesday, 31 March 2021 – 16:00 – 17:30 CET (9:00 – 10:30 Wisconsin time)

Luxembourg and Wisconsin startup visionaries outline the opportunities in their ecosystem. Format: Panel discussion

Moderator: Annick GOERENS

Setting the stage (40 min)

Mr. Sam RIKKERS, Deputy Secretary of WEDC

Introduction to Luxembourg and its focus on a Competitive and Sustainable Data Economy

Mr. Michele GALLO, Director, Ministry of the Economy

Growth opportunities for Start-ups within Wisconsin and Luxembourg Innovation Ecosystems

  • Presentation of the Wisconsin Start-up & investors ecosystem
    Mr. Aaron HAGAR, Vice President of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, WEDC
  • Presentation of Gener8tor and its acceleration programme
    Mr. Joe KIRGUES, Co-Founder, Gener8tor

Presentation of the Luxembourg Start-up Ecosystem and its acceleration and internationalization programs

  • Mr. Stefan BEREND – Head of Start-up Acceleration, Luxinnovation
  • Mr. Philippe Linster, CEO, Luxembourg House of Startups

9:40am CST – 16:40pm CET (40 Minutes)

Breakout Sessions

When Start-ups tackle the COVID-19 crisis with innovative solutions 

COVID Response Contests for Start-ups

Mr. Jean-Michel LUDWIG, Director Business Development, Luxinnovation
Mr. Aaron HAGAR, VP of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, WEDC

Panel of Innovators

  • Mathieu BRACHETTI, CEO, Virtual Rangers
  • Alessio WEBER, Co-founder, SOVI
  • Casius MOREA, CEO, Email Tree
  • Taralinda WILLIS, CEO Curate
  • Alexander KEMPE, President, Novir-USA

Expand in the US/Europe: challenges and opportunities

Mr. Valentin RONGONI, Advisor, Trade & Investment Promotion, Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office New York and Joe KIRGUES Gener8tor

Panel of Innovators

  • Jacob ARNOULD, My Med Bot
  • Ryan DODD, Cyberhedge
  • Royce DALBY, President Hydrosat
  • Mr. Michael CROMHEECKE, and CEO at SteamChain

10:20am CST – 17:20pm CET Mission Close (10 min)

Luxembourg Closing Address

  • Ms. Cindy TEREBA, Director of International Affairs, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

Wisconsin Closing Address

  • Ms. Katy Sinnott, Vice President of Global Trade & Investment WEDC – State of Wisconsin


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