From 15/10/2018 to 20/10/2018


In 2018 a strong focus is being put on women’s success stories. Following the success of last year, more than 2000 cybersecurity professionals will meet again in the Grand-Duchy to attend conferences and workshops by top organisers like PwC or Sharing experiences and knowledge, discussing opportunities and challenges, as well as developing common projects will be the cornerstones of the exchanges.

Thanks to the support of the Luxembourg government over the past 15 years, many initiatives have been created to enable sustainable and secure growth for the economy. In a continuous effort, SECURITYMADEIN.LUthe national platform for the promotion of cybersecurity, develops and provides new tools and services to enable the private and public actors to remain at the cutting edge of technology. Today, Government commitment to cybersecurity is still significant and its involvement in this “week initiative” stays central, with SECURITYMADEIN.LU as the main organiser of the week.

The Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg (CSWL) is part of the European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM), the EU’s annual awareness campaign taking place in October across Europe and organised by ENISA. The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the most active partners of the ECSM initiative.

Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg will also be an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the year, including the implementation of the Cybersecurity Competence Center (C3). In 2017, its training and awareness activities, in particular the first cybersecurity serious game in the world: the Room#42, have already helped the Luxembourg ecosystem to develop their competences further. This year the focus is being put on the launch of the observatory and the C3 testing facility.

The 2018 edition will continue to hail women empowerment through events like by Marion Marschalek’s Blackhoodie, and Marina Andrieu’s Women In Digital Empowerment (WIDE).

Participants will have the opportunity to meet experts that will present cybersecurity applications related to education, start-ups, European institutions, insurance and many others.


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