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As a founding member of the European Union (EU) and part of the Eurozone, Luxembourg is strongly committed to an open EU without borders. Trading from Luxembourg gives you easy access to:

  • 1 market consisting of the 27 EU member states
  • 19 countries in the Eurozone using the same currency (euro)
  • 445 million consumers
  • Free mobility of capital, products, services and labour

Central location

Luxembourg is located between two of the EU’s main consumer markets, namely France and Germany. 60% of the EU’s GDP can be reached within a one-hour flight. Luxembourg City is close to other EU centres:

  • Paris: 380 km
  • Frankfurt: 250 km
  • Brussels: 200 km

Excellent base for international trade

Luxembourg’s economy is strongly export oriented, and as a leading financial centre specialised in global and European cross-border activities, the country has a well-developed legal and regulatory framework for international trade. It is quick to implement EU legislation.

Having a base in Luxembourg often facilitates the reach to markets with different cultures and business approaches from one single location.

With its diverse population, relatively small size and closeness to technological hotspots in Europe, Luxembourg is an excellent testbed for the development and commercialisation of new products and services. It is also a good place for doing product localisation for different EU markets.

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